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AI Education Provider Plans for New Facilities and Enters Agreement with Top 500 Company in China to Establish Life Sciences Conglomerate in Toronto: Visionary Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: GV)
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Visionary Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: GV) operating under the business model of “merger, integration, and innovation,” has evolved over the years into a multinational conglomerate with an industrial chain ecosystem spanning high technology, life sciences, artificial intelligence education, and academic education. Among these, the biochip sector has filled a void in Canada, while GV stands as the largest service provider in artificial intelligence education within the country. In the future, GV is committed to becoming an internationally renowned industrial conglomerate, integrating “technology, capital, platform, and brand” on a global scale.

Over the past decade, GV has actively participated in social welfare activities to give back to society and donated over 1 million Canadian dollars in cash and goods to support education and community development initiatives. GV has 100+ full-time and part-time staffs, 100% bachelor’s degree or above. Doctor’s degree accounting for 10% , master’s degree accounting for more than 50%.

GV actively collaborates with world-renowned institutions to continuously enhance its core competitive value. Partnering with the International Academy of Education (IAE), an institution with centuries of history, GV has established the International Academy of Education Industry-Education Institute. This institute is responsible for globally integrating talent development in industry, academia, and research, promoting mutual advancement between education and industry, optimizing international education and outcome conversion incubation mechanisms, and constructing a high-end, cutting-edge, and internationalized platform for intelligent exchange and cooperation, not only for Canada but also for the world.

Simultaneously, GV collaborates with global innovation centers to establish the Canadian Center of the Global Innovation Center, aiming to drive the development of Canada’s innovation economy. Its main activities include innovation and entrepreneurship technology parks, international science and technology parks and international incubators, innovation and entrepreneurship academies, as well as outcomes and typical cases.

Cooperative Development Plans for GV Digital Technology Building

On May 19thth a signing ceremony was held for GV at Visionary Tower in Toronto. GV CEO, Mr. Zhong Chen, and Simon Tang, Director of ABB-FG from the United States, signed a cooperation agreement. Both parties will collaborate to transform and upgrade two GV buildings located at 95-105 Moatfield Dr, Toronto, Ontario into the “GV Digital Technology Building.”

ABB-FG will use cutting-edge digital technology and specialized securitization laws to register various real-world assets (RWA) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission under Reg. D/S/A+. These assets will be supported by the most reliable public blockchain and token platforms and will be listed for uninterrupted trading on major global digital asset exchanges (ATS). After digitizing and securitizing the properties at 95-105 Moatfield Dr, ABB-FG will facilitate their global trading on ATS, significantly enhancing the value of these GV properties. This will also rapidly boost GV economic growth, advancing GV toward internet-based, digital, and intelligent operations. The transformation will reduce operational costs, improve user experience, and increase industry revenue, positioning GV as a pioneer in Canada’s digital economy.

Additionally, GV plans to apply for planning approval from the City of Toronto to develop the vacant land at 95-105 Moatfield Dr. The plan includes the construction of three additional buildings, creating a digital technology complex with a total building area of 1.5 million square feet, seamlessly integrating five buildings with complementary functions. This project aims to establish a landmark for Toronto’s digital economy, contributing to the development of new models for digital economic growth and industrial upgrading in Canada.

In the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digital technology will reshape the global economic and industrial landscape, becoming a strategic high ground for competition among nations and enterprises. It is a crucial engine for global economic development and a key accelerator for innovation breakthroughs in fields such as biotechnology, energy, new materials, and artificial intelligence.  The GV future will focus on three core industries: biotechnology, new energy, and anti-aging products.

Cooperation with Top 500 Company in China

On May 17th GV announced the Company and Red Sun Group, a top 500 company in China, are collaborating to jointly invest in establishing a life sciences industry conglomerate in Toronto.

This conglomerate aims to become the world’s largest platform for nicotinamide (whitening) and anti-aging NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) industries. Leveraging Red Sun Group’s globally leading nicotinamide and NMN raw material base and technological platform, GV plans to establish a complete industry chain business system from raw materials to functional foods, skincare products, functional animal health products, and future medical terminal products. These products serve global cosmetics, food manufacturing, animal products, pharmaceutical, and medical institutions, as well as end customers.

Harvard University scientist David Sinclair confirms the life-extending effect of NMN

World-Class Biochip Technology Products

On May 16th GV announced the Company has cooperated with Canada’s B. Braun Biochip Technology Group to establish Visionary Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. in Toronto. Both economic value and social value will have an important impact. GV has a global impact in the field of biotechnology. Important value for short, medium and long term investors.

GV has world-class biochip technology products to fill the vast market gap in Canada. B. Braun was founded in March 2011 at UBC University in Vancouver, Canada by Victor C.M. Leung, an academician of the Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Engineering, and other Canadian academicians and American academician professors. B. Braun has invested nearly 150 million US dollars. After more than 10 years of focusing on the development of biochips, it has cooperated with the United States, and famous Canadian medical institutions have cooperated to develop a variety of products for medical bed testing, drug research and development, animal quarantine and cold chain transportation, including medical chips, animal chips, cold chain chips and agricultural chips. Currently, the products have Complete clinical testing, process technology verification and small-scale production.

The ability to realize applications in clinical testing, process validation and small-scale production demonstrates B. Braun’s advantages and progress in this technical field. In addition, B. Braun cooperated with Ruikun Technology Group to build a factory in Nantong, China, with a total investment of US$300 million. This investment will not only help fill China’s technological gaps in this field, but is also expected to bring up to 30 million US dollars in the next five years. The output value of more than 100 million US dollars will have an important impact on the economic value and social value of the B. Braun Group.

GV has cooperated with China’s Zhejiang Ruikun Technology Group to build a factory in Nantong, China with a total investment of US$300 million to fill the gap in China’s vast market. It is planned to be put into production in March 2025, with an output value of more than 3 billion US dollars in the next five years, creating huge economic and social value for the Vision Group.

Innovative biochip technology demonstrates GV world-class achievements in the field of biotechnology. Through long-term dedicated research and development of biochip technology and cooperation with famous medical institutions in North America, the company has successfully developed a variety of products that are used in many fields such as medical treatment, drug research and development, animal quarantine, and cold chain transportation.

New CFO Appointed

On May 16th GV announced the board of the Company has elected Mr. Zhong Chen as the Company’s new CFO.

On May 6th GV appointed Mr. Zhong Chen, the Company’s chief executive officer, as its new chief financial officer, effective immediately. Mr. Chen has extensive experience in multinational enterprise project development, operational management, and capital operations.


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