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Expanding Prospects Ahead for Nicaragua Imported Handmade Premium Cigar Business Backed by Strong Family History and Experience: Green Leaf Innovations, Inc (Stock Symbol: GRLF).
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Green Leaf Innovations, Inc., (OTC: GRLF) a Florida corporation, is an emerging growth company engaged in the Marketing and Distribution of handmade premium cigars. GRLF strategically imports and exclusively distributes some of the best known premium cigar brands in the market created by the Mederos family, a Third generation Cigar maker with Robert Mederos at the helm. Mr. Mederos has owned and operated handmade cigar operation in Nicaragua and the US for over 20 years with a rich family history in the craft dating back to the 1800s Cuba, brands such as CUBANACAN, MEDEROS and TABACALERA SERRANO.

GRLF also distributes packaged whole leaf Tobacco to cigar lounges, smoke shops, C-stores and vape shops across the United States and soon International Markets.

Green Leaf Innovations, Inc. Sets Sail for History at Battleship New Jersey Museum’s Annual ‘Cigars on the River’

On May 15th GRLF announced its participation in the highly anticipated ‘Cigars on the River’ event at the iconic Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial. Overlooking the majestic Delaware River and the breathtaking Philadelphia skyline, this annual soirée promises an unforgettable evening of indulgence and philanthropy.

GRLF guests will savor the finest cigars, exquisite cuisine, and handcrafted cocktails amidst the historic setting of the Battleship New Jersey. Cubanacan Heritage, a cornerstone of Green Leaf Innovations, Inc.’s esteemed portfolio, will take center stage at this prestigious event, showcasing the rich heritage and unrivaled craftsmanship behind each meticulously hand-rolled cigar.

The Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial stands as a testament to our nation’s military prowess and enduring legacy. From its storied past in World War II to its pivotal role in modern naval history, the battleship offers a captivating glimpse into the triumphs and sacrifices of our armed forces. Immerse yourself in a journey through time and honor the heroes who have served our country with courage and valor.

CEO Robert Mederos Issues Letter to Shareholders and Provides Corporate Update Focusing on Long-Term Growth and Value Creation

On April 18th GRLF issued a letter to shareholders from CEO Robert Mederos which contained the following details:

GRLF focuses on marketing and distributing handmade premium cigars manufactured in Nicaragua, a land rich with volcanic soil, which gives GRLF tobacco its unique character. The fertile valleys of Jalapa and Estelí and the increasing tobacco cultivation in Condega and Ometepe have provide exquisite filler, binder, and wrapper leaves essential for our premium cigars.

The importance of having a long-standing operation in Nicaragua cannot be understated. In fact, during the first eight months of 2022, Nicaragua-based cigar firms shipped 167 million cigars to the United States, an 8.9 percent increase over the same period in 2021. The GRLF partnership with a third-generation, family-owned Nicaraguan business has been instrumental in crafting high-quality boutique cigars. Their passion and attention to detail have allowed GRLF to maintain consistency and deliver unique flavors to its customers.

The GRLF production process, from greenhouse seedlings to fermentation and final product, is carefully managed to ensure the highest quality of cigars. GRLF employs traditional techniques, such as row plowing with oxen and eucalyptus stick curing, alongside modern technology, like custom water filtration and drip irrigation systems, to balance tradition and innovation perfectly. The global luxury cigar market was valued at USD 11.61 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.2% from 2021 to 2028.

According to Cigar Aficionado Magazine, more than 307 million imported handmade, premium cigars were shipped to the United States in just the first eight months of 2022, an increase of 4.3 percent. Shipping 300 million cigars was once considered the benchmark for a good year in the cigar business: now, it’s just a starting point. In fact, according to the Cigar Association of America, imports through November 30, 2022 have continued an upward trend for premium cigar imports at a 2% year-over-year growth rate, while imports of popular price cigars are down 12% in the same period.

Looking ahead, GRLF sees significant growth potential in the premium cigar market. GRLF will continue to strengthen its partnerships, expand its distribution network, and explore new domestic and international markets.

GRLF has discovered unattended markets ripe for growth, including targeting golf courses, hotels and resorts, sporting events, and business gatherings. These markets have untapped potential, ignored by major brands and large industrial producers who continue to focus on traditional channels. Nearly 10% of all U.S. premium cigar sales occur on golf courses or in relation to golf. Yet, point-of-sale displays at golf clubs are generally ignored by major brands.

GRLF has the capabilities to deliver bespoke, white-label orders that meet the customer’s unique specifications for style, volume, and quality. GRLF has been approached by several large potential customers in the wine and liquor industry, along with retailers that are interested in pairing its cigars with complementary products.

GRLF B2B customers in the market are increasingly launching e-commerce websites in large, lucrative markets owing to the rising internet penetration and increasing propensity for mobile shopping among consumers.

As previously announced, GRLF has hired an investor relations agency to address investor concerns, answer questions, and help bring new investors to the company. GRLF urges everyone to contact its investor relations agency with their questions. GRLF also invites everyone to subscribe to its distribution list to stay informed on upcoming developments. Visit:  


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