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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Events Delivering Sold Out Results, Plus Rising Revenues from Fitness Gym Training Business: B2Digital (OTC: BTDG)


  • Premier Development League for Highly Popular Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).
  • Strongly Growing Revenues from Live Event Ticket Sales, Pay-Per-View Ticket Sales and Content Media Marketing.
  • Additional Revenues from Fitness Gym Training Facilities Network.
  • Events Expanding into Larger Geographic Ranges via New Licenses.
  • Breakout Record Results in the Month of July.

B2Digital (OTC: BTDG) is the premier development league for mixed martial arts (“MMA”). BTDG operates in two major branded segments: The B2 Fighting Series and The ONE More Gym Official B2 Training Facilities Network. BTDG primarily derives revenues from live event ticket sales, pay-per-view ticket sales, content media marketing, and fitness facility memberships.

The BTDG Live Events segment (the B2 Fighting Series) is primarily engaged with scheduling, organizing, and producing live MMA events, marketing those events, and generating both live audience and PPV ticket sales, as well as creatively marketing the archived content generated through its operations in this segment. BTDG also plans to generate additional revenues over time from endorsement deals with global brands as its audience grows. The BTDG B2 Fighting Series is licensed in 12 US states to operate LIVE MMA Fights. Most BTDG events sell out at the gate. BTDG now operates at a pace of more than 40 events per year.

The BTDG Fitness Facility segment operates primarily through the ONE More Gym Official B2 Training Facilities Network. BTDG currently operates five ONE More Gym locations, with plans to continue to scale up this segment at a pace of 4-8 new locations per year. ONE More Gym locations include specialized MMA training resources and serve a recruiting function for the BTDG Live Events segment.

BTDG Congratulates Bryan Battle on Ultimate Fighter Win and Multi-Fight UFC Contract

On September 3rd BTDG was very proud to congratulate B2 Fighting Series middleweight standout Bryan “Pooh Bear” Battle as he heads for the bright lights and big stage of the UFC.

Battle was invited to compete on “The Ultimate Fighter” (“TUF”) – a reality TV show produced by the UFC since its debut in 2005 – following his huge win in the BTDG Fighting Series event in February at the Paroquet Springs Conference Center in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, where he made a big statement with a second-round submission, marking his fourth straight victory. Once on the show, Bryan took full advantage of his TUF opportunity, eventually standing victorious in the finale in Las Vegas – again, via second-round submission – at UFC Vegas 35.

After being crowned The Ultimate Fighter and thereby securing a multi-fight UFC contract, Battle gave credit to the BTDG Fighting Series and to matchmaker Brandon Higdon for giving him a platform to develop and showcase his star talent, which ultimately has led him to the biggest stage in the sport.


Record Ticket Sales as BTDG Thrills Sold-Out Birmingham, AL Crowd

On August 31st BTDG announced that its B2FS 133 was a blockbuster success with record ticket sales in front of a raucous sold-out crowd at Bill Harris Arena in Birmingham., AL.

This was the first BTDG Live MMA event to be held at a full-size sports arena. Management decided the time had come to begin to upsize its venues after hitting capacity in recent events. This shift will ultimately allow BTDG to sell more tickets.

Total ticket sales for B2FS 133 came in at $41,595, which represents a new record night for the BTDG B2 Fighting Series. Tickets for in-person seating at the event totaled over $34,600, while Pay-Per-View sales added nearly $7,000. This success continued the BTDG upward climb in average per-event revenues in place in 2021. It also provided evidence that the BTDG Fighting Series brand has outgrown smaller event venues ahead of a busy schedule this fall.


BTDG Entertains Sold-out Star-studded Capacity Crowd in Kentucky

On August 23rd BTDG announced another big night for the B2 Fighting Series as hard-hitting action was on display in front of a sold-out capacity crowd at the Paroquet Springs Conference Center in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. The BTDG event was a big success, with tremendous action from start to finish.


Major Geographic Expansion with Successful Night in Little Rock, AR

On August 17th BTDG announced a successful debut of B2 Fighting Series live MMA action in the state of Arkansas at the State House Convention Center in Little Rock. The event hit the marks in terms of ticket sales, sponsorships, and crowd numbers to easily beat the BTDG long-term average results for a first-time event in a brand-new market. BTDG recently received its licensing for conducting events in Arkansas as part of a larger geographic expansion process.


BTDG Posts Breakout July Results in Record Month

On August 5th BTDG reported unaudited performance metrics for July 2021, featuring breakout growth in both the Live Event and One More Gym segments.

Highlights for July 2021 (unaudited)
  •  Total Revenues of $301k during July 2021
  •  Live Event Segment Revenues of $166k during July 2021
  •  One More Gym Revenues of $135k during July 2021
  •  July Total Revenues up 692% on year-over-year basis (compared to July 2020)
  •  July Total Revenues up 66% on sequential monthly basis (compared to June 2021)
  •  Gross Margins at 65% during July 2021
  •  On pace for record results this quarter in every major performance metric tracked by the Company

“We are experiencing exponential growth right now as we start to see the pay-off of synergies built into our model driven by simultaneous growth from brand expansion, acquisitions, organic growth, and exogenous tailwinds,” remarked Greg P. Bell, CEO of BTDG.

BTDG management notes that an aggressive July schedule in the Live Events segment helped to drive results. However, even after normalizing for that variable, per-event revenues came in at a new record in July, and the One More Gym segment posted 29% sequential monthly growth on purely organic apples-to-apples expansion in the core business.

July was also an excellent benchmark month for grading the BTDG ability to scale its business without sacrificing profitability. Gross Margins came in at a robust 65% during the month, which exceeded internal expectations. This factor is also now being aided by initial growth in sponsorship fees as a revenue channel as the BTDG begins to attract a growing market in sponsors at its live events.

Bell added, “Sponsors are a tremendous brand barometer, and sponsorship fees are probably the most desirable form of revenues on the Live Event side because they’re pure gravy. Overall, results in July were excellent and put us ahead of schedule this year, and with strong momentum in place. We have several major deals in the works that carry the potential to further drive results this quarter and through year end, and I look forward to giving our shareholders more details very soon.”

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