High Performance Video Streaming and Tactical Incident Communications Tech Actively Supporting Police and Other Emergency Response Services: Cytta Corp. (OTC: CYCA)

  • Advanced Technology Video Systems with Real Time Options.
  • Sales to Police Departments, Civilian and Military Support Agencies.
  • Police Force Partnering Development Program Successfully Deployed.
  • Boustead Securities Engaged as Exclusive Financial Advisor.
  • Video Streaming Solution for Tactical Assault Kit/Team Awareness Kit.
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for the IGAN Incident Command Platform.
  • Supplying SUPR Compression Systems and IGAN Incident Command Systems for MarTac’s Unmanned Surface Vehicles.
  • Company Upgraded to Fully Reporting US SEC Status as of November 3rd.

Cytta Corp (OTC: CYCA) brings technology from military to enterprise. The company’s proprietary SUPR Stream technology has been designed specifically for streaming and storing HD, 4K, and higher resolution video. Their IGAN (Incident Global Area Network) seamlessly streams all relevant video and audio during emergency situations, while allowing real time video and audio communication among all participating parties. This creates real-time interconnected situational awareness for police, firefighters, first responders, and their command centers.

CYCA products work in size, weight, and power-constrained (SWaP) operating environments and evolved through use in the military, meeting the need to stream multiple HD, 4K and 4K+ video feeds with ultra-low latency, bandwidth, and power consumption and disseminate through a command center to multiple parties. CYCA is taking this streaming, storage, and transfer technology to enterprises that would like to stream and disseminate more high-quality videos with fewer resources.

CYCA manufactures all of its products in the USA. Their team of specialists has been put together to productize and distribute this technology across multiple enterprise use cases. CYCA management is integrating this technology into operations that have the need to send and store more high-quality videos and images with fewer resources.

  • CYCA Police Force Partnering Development Program Successfully Deployed; Real-Time IGAN Technology Utilized in Police Operations

On February 7th the CYCA Police Force Partnering Development (PFPD) Program was successfully deployed in two recent active engagements and demonstrated its intervention and apprehension support capabilities. This innovative program places CYCA IGAN technology in the hands of Police Departments during real policing operations. CYCA representatives provided real time technical support during these operations. Partnering in this manner provides immediate feedback, real-time information exchange and technical enhancements that create safer outcomes during tense policing events.

CYCA has been utilizing the data, insights and information generated to develop and integrate them into a more comprehensive and advanced IGAN Fusion system. It is anticipated that these initial deployments will result in similar department wide deployments with other major police forces nationally as the new developments are completed and deployed.

CYCA products uniquely synthesize real-time video data, human insights and communication information generated during such events using their advanced IGAN Fusion system. IGAN Fusion seamlessly streams all relevant video and audio from the intervention area into a mobile app interface that all police personnel share in real-time. It gives everyone eyes-on-the-situation at hand and surrounding areas while simultaneously allowing different video captures and audio to be mixed and shared with officers and other police personnel both actively on the ground and in the command post.

  • CYCA Engages Boustead Securities as Exclusive Financial Advisor

On January 20th CYCA announced it has engaged Boustead Securities, LLC (“Boustead”) to assist with the next phase of its development and capital markets plans. Over the last few months, CYCA has completed its audit, become an SEC reporting company and uplisted to the OTCQB Venture Market. Now CYCA is ready to embark on the next chapter by seeking to advance its development plans and explore financing opportunities and secure key strategic relationships led by Boustead.

CYCA plans to scale operations and enhance software development for its core product portfolio to capitalize on existing market opportunities both with governments and in the commercial sector. These significant product enhancements should allow CYCA to deliver new and more scalable solutions to its SUPR Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) proprietary compression technology customers, and the IGAN Incident Command System (ICS) video and audio connectivity customers.

  • Development of SUPR TAK Video Streaming Solution for Integration into TAK – Tactical Assault Kit/Team Awareness Kit Well Underway

On December 20th CYCA announced the development program of their SUPR TAK full HD video streaming solution for the $12.78 Billion TAK/ATAK market. TAK is the Tactical Assault Kit for the military, the Team Awareness Kit for civilian applications, and ATAK (Android Tactical Assault Kit) when integrated into the U.S. and NATO’s preeminent battlefield management application. A Beta launch is expected in Q2 of 2022.

The current CYCA TAK management application system that is utilized in 15 Department of Defense (“DOD”) programs and has a user base of over 380,000, does not sustain multiple, reliable full motion video (FMV) from live streaming assets and cameras in higher resolutions. CYCA will be able to solve the lack of quality video streaming that TAK faces with its SUPR video streaming by integrating the CYCA proprietary SUPR streaming technology. Beneficiaries of CYCA full resolution streaming capabilities and technology span federal, state, and local government departments as well as in the recreational environment with users that hike, research, and explore our world through various means. With more state and local agencies coming onboard, this will continue to expand in the government level sectors.

The Soldier System Market was valued at USD $12.78 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD $14.14 billion by 2023 according to ‘Soldier System Market, Industry Analysis and Market Forecast to 2023′.

CYCA was asked to develop the SUPR TAK, for the TAK/ATAK ecosystem, by various military partners like UK SOF, US Air Force, US National Guard, SOCOM, Border and Customs, and other Mil Spec users. By integrating CYCA patented SUPR technology capabilities, TAK will now be capable of delivering full resolution streaming over low-bandwidth with low-latency. All users will be able to utilize this exclusive solution that CYCA alone can provide

This is yet another unique and significant step forward for a Company already trusted by major players in the military, first responders and industry. This new SUPR TAK initiative will enhance integration of CYCA proprietary technology and is in response to customer requirements. CYCA technology applications make a critical difference to the safety and operational effectiveness of personnel in the defense, first responder and security industries.

  • Developing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Offering for the Flagship IGAN Incident Command Platform

On December 13th CYCA announced the expansion of its product offerings by the launch of a new enterprise-grade cloud-based AI-powered Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering for the flagship IGAN Incident Command Platform.

CYCA IGAN as-a-Service will be available for all customers starting Q1 2022. Customers can now have a unified automated deployment, provisioning, and maintenance experience while utilizing existing onsite resources to set up and manage their IGAN Incident Command System. IGAN-as-a-Service is a natural evolution of the existing IGAN CYCA Hosted and Client-hosted on-premises solutions and supports the same consistency of features across both deployment models.

The global SaaS market is expected to grow from $225.6 billion in 2020 to $272.49 billion this year. The growth is mainly due to companies like CYCA evolving their product portfolio to better service the customer demands and provide agile solutions with minimal onboarding time and expense. It is anticipated that this trend will continue, with the market expected to reach $436.9 billion by 2025.

  • CYCA Supplies Both SUPR Compression Systems and IGAN Incident Command Systems for MarTac’s Unmanned Surface Vehicles

On November 15th CYCA announced it is shipping the company’s SUPR compression and IGAN Incident command systems to MarTac ( to equip their Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs).

CYCA SUPR ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) system delivers video streaming for surface, airborne and underwater ISR applications including environments where video streams are transmitted beyond line-of-sight. By utilizing a SUPR-enabled encoder onboard an unmanned vessel, video can be securely streamed in high definition through an extremely low bandwidth LEO satellite uplink (<22 kbps) with ultra-low latency.

The CYCA IGAN ICS (Incident Command System) is a highly secure, advanced ICS offering real-time, bidirectional communications integrating multiple video and voice devices including video cameras, smartphones, tablets, computers, and 2-way radios. This creates real-time video and audio situational awareness for military, fire, police and all their command centers.

  • Sale of IGAN ICS System with Satellite Communications Package to Global Medical Response

On November 8th CYCA announced that it has consummated the first commercial industry sale of its Ruggedized IGAN incident command system combined with a satellite antenna and an ongoing satellite airtime package to Global Medical Response (GMR).

The CYCA IGAN incident command system is currently utilized by police and fire First Responders nationwide, for seamlessly streaming and integrating all available video sources and audio sources during police, fire and emergency operations. Industry leader GMR provides all types of commercial first responder services to communities in need of industry-leading air, ground, specialty, residential fire services, federal disaster response and managed medical transportation organization.

Gary Campbell CEO of CYCA stated, “We are excited to be introducing our IGAN and satellite capability technology to an important organization providing all types of first responder services in all areas of need. GMR provide invaluable commercial leading edge emergency services throughout America. Their dedicated teams of emergency professionals deserve to be recognized as an important cog in our Nation’s first responder network. Ensuring that these dedicated individuals are safe, protected and always in communication through our IGAN, is of primary importance to all of us at Cytta.” Mr. Campbell further stated, “With this choice, GMR has now determined to incorporate our revolutionary IGAN system as the command-and-control hub, in local or remote locations, for their impressive array of end-to-end medical transportation as well as fire services, integrated healthcare solutions and disaster response operations. We are proud to support them and their communication needs.”

  • CYCA Becomes a Fully Reporting US SEC Company

On November 3rd CYCA announced that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) declared Cytta’s resale Registration Statement on Form S-1 (the “Registration Statement”) effective.

CYCA became an SEC reporting company upon effectiveness of the Registration Statement. Accordingly, the CYCA financial statements are now required to be prepared in accordance with U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), with quarterly and yearly financial statements included in required periodic reports to be filed with the SEC. CYCA is not selling any securities under the Registration Statement. Rather, the Registration Statement relates to the potential resale, from time to time, of securities of CYCA by certain of its security holders. CYCA will ‎not receive any proceeds from any sale of securities by the selling security holders pursuant to the Registration Statement.

Gary Campbell, CYCA CEO, states, “The successful completion of this filing is a true milestone in our development. This action is fundamental to the Company’s efforts to demonstrate heightened transparency to its investors and bring the Company greater visibility and credibility before a substantially larger group of qualified investors.” Mr. Campbell continued, “We have now fulfilled a commitment we made to our shareholders and put ourselves firmly on the path towards greater access to capital markets via securing a relationship with a reputable investment bank. We believe this will now allow us to fulfill all of our developmental and business objectives going forward.”

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Key Personnel

Mr. William Casselman II, Chairman of Board of Advisors

Mr. Casselman is an attorney and business advisor highly experienced in information technology and telecommunications matters. He represents U.S. and foreign clients on business and government matters, including commercial transactions, government contracts and federal lobbying and he is driven by tackling large issues that improve lives on a large scale, such as the current Healthcare change mandate. Mr. Casselman served for over 10 years in appointed positions within the Executive and Legislative Branches of the U.S. Government, culminating with his appointment by President Ford as Counsel to the President, after serving as Legal Counsel to Vice President Ford.


Gary Campbell, CEO

Prior to his development of the VeriSmartPhone™ at Cytta Corp, Mr. Campbell was CEO of Rocketinfo which developed instant news delivery technology (, prior to its sale. Previously as founder of ScreenPhone/ScreenMD he partnered with Samsung to develop software and reprogrammed Samsung’s Anyweb internet appliance to become the world’s first web based remote medical monitoring system.

While with Telemac (Rental Accounting) Corp. (TRAC), reprogrammed cellphone chipsets to create prepaid and rental mobile phones. This MVNO technology was licensed to the current TRACfone prepaid mobile telephone company. Mr. Campbell founded CanCall Cellular to introduce the Telemac technology to the cellular rental market. Cancall became the largest US national provider of cellular rental services, and AT&T’s exclusive national cellular rental administrator. Previously, Mr. Campbell funded, developed and listed International Verifact the developer of today’s ubiquitous electronic credit card verification terminal.

Mr. Campbell is also serves the managing principal of the GMC Group which operates Unified Financial Inc. his family’s multi-generational investment arm. Mr. Campbell and his family office have personally developed, financed and or listed numerous technology companies. Mr. Campbell has degrees in both Commerce and Law from the University of BC.


Mr. Jerry L. Smith, Co-CEO

Mr. Smith is President and majority owner of Gateway Group, Inc., a M&A and investment banking firm specializing in manufacturing, distribution, and service companies since 1986. Mr. Smith is currently Chairman and CEO of Allegiant Lighting LLC, amanufacturer of efficient commercial LED lighting.

Previously Mr. Smith was the Managing Member of Abacus Capital, LLC, a private investment firm. Mr. Smith served as Chairman and CEO of EndoBiologics, a biotech company; President and Director of BioPreserve, a medical device company; a Director of Centurion Technologies, an on-line web access software developer for instant data retrieval through “Smart Cards”; a Director of Inforetec, a global positioning system manufacturer; a Director of Digitec, a digital information systems operator and developer; a Director of Ask Rex, an interactive Internet travel service company; and CEO of EdgeMax Marketing, Inc., a multimedia company.

Mr. Smith has been involved in over 300 successful transactions ranging from the sale of main street businesses to sales and mergers of multi-million dollar companies, and has raised well over $500 million. Mr. Smith has owned and operated manufacturing, distribution, retail and financial companies. He was a founding Director of the Western Washington Youth Foundation, a Seattle Pacific University Fellow and is a Director of the Blueprint Leadership Academy for underprivileged children. Smith-smith-a725bb21/


Erik Stephansen, President

As a Private Equity technology integration and design expert, Mr. Stephansen advised Fortune 500 companies, including Cisco, Microsoft, Ciber, and Panda Restaurant Group, TacoBell brands on merger strategies requiring complex integration of technology, financial and communication services. While at Ciber, Mr. Stephansen integrated powerful IBM, Microsoft, and EMC2 remote computing systems used by University of California, UCSF Medical, and University of Arizona, which led to large-scale Point-of-Sale, inventory and cost management solutions for Panda Express, Coffee Bean and TCBY national brands.

Mr. Stephansen is also currently CEO and President of LAM Aviation, a FAA technology partner developing Angle-of-Attack & Loss of Control prevention wing systems, utilizing patented aileron and flap innovations providing new wing “variable” geometries. Mr. Stephansen serves on several advisory boards including YourAmigo, an Australian search engine optimization company.

As a key mobile strategist and the architect of the Cytta Connect remote monitoring IOT/Cloud ecosystem, Mr. Stephansen is an innovative executive with extensive experience in the medical, financial services, hardware and software industries. He is a Business Economics graduate of University of California, Santa Barbara with specialized studies from UC Berkeley and advanced engineering Certificates from Stanford University. He is an avid skier and aerobatic pilot.


Natalia Sokolova, Chief Marketing Officer

Ms. Sokolova is a manager and founder of SGG World LLC since 2006. SGG is a US based Family Office and a strategic consulting firm. Ms. Sokolova is also an appointed member of the Tristate Capital Bank Family Office Advisory Board and a member of a Family Office platform.

Previously Ms. Sokolova was the principal of Exquisite Planning, LLC, a New York based event planning enterprise with an exclusive and prestigious clientele. Prior to moving back to New York, she was the Head of Marketing at, at the time the world’s largest online jewelry auction site. Because of her well recognized participation in the international modeling industry, Ms. Sokolova Natalia moved to Los Angeles and became a Managing Director for United Licensing Group – a worldwide licensing agent for the Elite Modeling Agency. Her marketing and sales efforts grew licensing revenues from an insignificant amount in 1999 to over $20MM in 2004. Natalia started her career at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC, working for the Director of the International Division, European Affairs.

Natalia is a member of the National Investor Relations Institute and National Association of Professional Women. Natalia sits on the board of and actively involved with Russian Welfare Society. Ms. Sokolova graduated Cum Laude in 1998 with a dual major in Finance and International Business from University of Maryland, College Park.


Michael Collins, Director Digital Media

Mr. Collins currently leads the Cytta ‘SUPER’ Compression design and implementation team. Mr. Collins works directly with the team of software engineers responsible for all updates and revisions to the product and the underlying algorithms. He has over 20 years of experience in developing, designing and operating digital imaging, network and telecommunications companies. Mr. Collins was formerly the President of the original entity responsible for the product and business development, marketing and sales of the revolutionary SUPER™ compression technology in defense, government, business and commercial areas.

Mr. Collins is currently working on the design, implementation and business development of several compression driven leading-edge video technologies with All Mobile Video and All Mobile Vision. These integrations will ultimatelyincorporate Cytta’s compression and PACI technology within the mobile video interface being created.

Mr. Collins also has extensive film and imaging experience including working in the entertainment industry in video and digital image production. Additionally, Mr. Collins served for many years as an active Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) volunteering as part of his County’s First Responder network.


Michael Smith, Chief Operating Officer

For the past several years Mr. Smith has been involved in the management of several IoT/SaaS product and manufacturing entities. His experience includes managing production, overseeing engineering and product development along with sales, marketing and support of major accounts.

Mr. Smith also has 30 years’ experience in the Financial Services Industry working for Smith Barney, PaineWebber/UBS and Wells Fargo. Mr. Smith was a Senior Vice President with PaineWebber/UBS and managed the Municipal Trading Desks in San Francisco and Seattle. Mr. Smith also worked with the Public Finance Departments of Smith Barney and PaineWebber/UBS. Mr. Smith was a Senior Vice President with Wells Fargo managing the Preferred Trading Desk in Seattle which provided trading and underwriting services nationally for all listed and non-listed preferred securities. Mr. Smith took over as the head of Fixed Income Marketing nationally for the Wealth Brokerage Services division of Wells Fargo. In 2012 Michael left the financial services industry and began working in technology and manufacturing.

Mr. Smith has served as President of the Washington Bond Club and also President of the MIHI group which is responsible for raising funds for the Seattle Pacific University Men’s Soccer Team. Mr. Smith played for SPU for 4 years while attending the University where he studied Business Finance and Accounting.


Daniel P. Jacoy, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Jacoy was recently CFO of Tectonic Audio Labs & Tectonic Elements Ltd., a pro-audio and electronics components manufacturing and sales company. Daniel was also CFO of Blue Marble Network, an international maritime telecommunications company. Previously Daniel was principal and portfolio manager of Curo Asset Management, LLC where he developed and managed fixed income and equity portfolios for individual and institutional clients.

He was VP of Ariston Capital Management, where his responsibilities included convertible securities portfolio management, securities analysis and trading. During his tenure, the Ariston Convertible Securities Fund (CNCVX) was ranked number one in its asset class in 1999 by Lipper Analytical. For his extensive stock and bond market knowledge, Daniel has been interviewed by Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Transcript, Dow Jones News, The Chicago Tribune, The Seattle Post Intelligencer and The Financial Times Mandate.

He also has investment and financial operations responsibilities at Fidelity Investments, Commercial Union Insurance Companies and Unigard Insurance Group. He has lectured at Seattle University and Bellevue Community College. Daniel has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance from Western Washington University.


Ted Fellerman, Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Fellerman has had an illustrious career in all major areas of investment banking and corporate finance at the highest levels. Throughout his industry involvement he has analyzed and traded in positions in approximately 1500 corporate mergers, reorganizations, liquidations, tenders, etc. In his last major position he was a partner with Michael Schaenen in Schaenen, Fellerman and Co a full member of the NYSE operating as a miniature Goldman Sachs.

Prior to this Mr. Fellerman was at Mabon, Nugent and Co. where he established Arbitrage and Special Situation trading dept. He was also at Oppenheimer and Co. and established their Arbitrage and Special Situation trading dept., and their institutional trading departments. Mr. Fellerman was formerly with US Army Military Intelligence and with a clandestine US Government Agency. Mr. Fellerman is a William and Mary Graduate, with a BA in Economics and an MBA from NYU.

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