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Safety Shot, Inc. (NASDAQ: SHOT)

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Aggressively Expanding Sales Distribution Agreements for Patented Safety Shot Consumer Beverage That Lowers Blood Alcohol and Boosts Energy in 30 Minutes: Safety Shot, Inc. (Nasdaq: SHOT)
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Safety Shot, Inc., (Nasdaq: SHOT) a wellness and dietary supplement company, has developed Safety Shot, the first patented wellness product on Earth that lowers blood alcohol content. Safety Shot is crafted with Essential B vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, and nootropics designed to rapidly rehydrate, boost mental clarity, energy and overall mood. Disrupting the industry and creating a category of one, Safety Shot is the world’s first beverage to reduce blood alcohol content by supporting its metabolism in as little as 30 minutes.

Safety Shot
Safety Shot

The SHOT Safety Shot product is available for purchase online at and Amazon. SHOT is introducing business-to-business sales of Safety Shot to distributors, retailers, restaurants, and bars throughout 2024.

SHOT Partners with Capital Drugs to Launch World’s First Beverage To Reduce Blood Alcohol Content in 300 Pharmacies Across the Country

On June 6th SHOT announced its partnership with Capital Drugs as the brand expands its nationwide availability. Making strides in connecting the brand to its overarching wellness purpose, the SHOT Safety Shot beverage will be available in all 300 of the drugstore chain’s pharmacies across the United States.

Entering a key market for SHOT consumers, Capital Drugs is known for providing a wide range of pharmaceutical services and products tailored to specific health and wellness needs. Capital Drugs offers traditional pharmacy and clinical services in tandem with alternative medicine options such as supplements, vitamins, and homeopathic products.

This latest SHOT affiliation aligns with the brand’s comprehensive nationwide availability rollout and partnership expansion plan. This announcement comes on the heels of its Northeast expansion across New York and New Jersey through boutique broker Prime CBS and additional partnerships with GoPuff, BevMo and more.

SHOT Partners with Prime CSB to Expand Into New York and New Jersey

On June 5th SHOT announced its availability throughout key market states New York and New Jersey via boutique broker, Prime CSB. Making further strides in the SHOT larger Northeast expansion plan, Prime CSB has represented some of the top candy and food manufacturers, both domestically and around the world.

Representing a key set of customers for SHOT, Prime CSB has a focused market in the New York and New Jersey regions. With 30 years of distribution experience, Prime CSB offers a personalized experience for agents and clients with a limited set of customers offering focused selling services for candy, beverage, and specialty products in the New York and New Jersey markets. The expansion strategy will call on Cash N Carry, wholesale distributors, specialty Distributors, as well as independent supermarkets in the New York and New Jersey metropolitan market.

“As we consistently strive to broaden our reach and impact for Safety Shot, it’s integral to lean on regional experts like Prime CSB to help find the perfect home for the brand and target key consumers,” said Josh Wagner, Chief Revenue Officer at SHOT. “New York and New Jersey are two high-volume regions that make up a significant part of our overarching Northeast expansion efforts. With demand on the rise and as we hit peak summer season, we’re excited to introduce Safety Shot to more consumers and provide wider access to this effective product.”

Partnership with Mr. Checkout Retail Network to Expand Presence with Independent Retailers Nationwide

On June 4th SHOT announced its strategic partnership with Mr. Checkout, a national network of independent distributors, full-line grocery distributors, and wagon-jobbers. This partnership marks a significant milestone in SHOT mission to provide a revolutionary solution for responsible alcohol consumption to the masses.

Mr. Checkout’s extensive distribution network spans over 200,000 independent retail locations across the United States, offering Safety Shot an unparalleled opportunity to reach a broad audience of consumers. Mr. Checkout has a proven track record of successfully launching, scaling and promoting innovative products in the retail space as demonstrated by their work with partners such as 5-hour Energy and blu Electronic Cigarettes. With their support, SHOT aims to expand its footprint in convenience stores, neighborhood markets and independent grocers nationwide.

Launch of New 4-Ounce Bottles for Added Convenience and Versatility.

On June 3rd SHOT announced the launch of its revolutionary formula in new, convenient 4-ounce bottles. Designed for easy on-the-go use, this new SHOT format ensures that customers can enjoy the benefits of Safety Shot’s groundbreaking formula anytime, anywhere. The 4-ounce SHOT bottles are perfect for individuals with busy lifestyles who seek the same trusted benefits of Safety Shot’s original formula in more portable options. The new 4-ounce SHOT bottles will be available in Q3 in convenience stores and liquor stores across the United States where Safety Shot is sold.

SHOT Partners with BM Distributors to Expand Market Presence in Las Vegas

On May 30th SHOT announced its strategic partnership with BM Distributors, a prominent Las Vegas-based beverage distribution company. This collaboration aims to leverage BM Distributors’ extensive industry experience and local market knowledge to enhance the availability and reach of SHOT products across the Las Vegas area.

The SHOT and BM Distributors partnership will provide wider access to this revolutionary, patented formula for premier hangover support that redefines the nightlife experience and compliments the Las Vegas consumer market. Through the partnership, BM Distributors will utilize their established relationships to support SHOT in expanding its market share in the city. By leveraging these connections, SHOT products will be readily available to consumers, thereby promoting responsible drinking practices and enhancing consumer health.

BM Distributors, a minority woman-owned and family-oriented business, has deep roots and strong relationships in the Las Vegas community. SHOT will be working closely with BM CFO San Jenkins, a seasoned professional with 30 years of experience in the marketplace. Jenkins brings a thorough understanding of customer preferences, supply chain management, and quality service, enhanced by his background as a former Las Vegas casino executive.

SHOT and BM Distributors are aligned in their values and committed to prioritizing consumer health and encouraging responsible drinking habits. Together, they are well-positioned to facilitate the placement and availability of SHOT products in stores throughout the region and aim to make a positive impact on the community by providing products that align with these principles.


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