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Partnership with FIZUAS Supporting Drone and Advanced Streaming Tech Solutions for Rising Demand from Numerous Law Enforcement Agencies; CyttaCARES Offering a Valuable Solution for the School Safety Crisis: Cytta Corp (Stock Symbol: CYCA).

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Cytta Corp. (OTC: CYCA) is a leading technology solutions provider dedicated to delivering innovative products and services across various industries and revolutionizes the integration, streaming, transfer, and storage of video and audio data. With a focus on safety, security, and efficiency, CYCA strives to develop cutting-edge solutions that address real-world challenges in large markets.

An innovative new CYCA product, CyttaCARES, is a game-changer in ensuring the safety and well-being of children in educational institutions. The CYCA proprietary CyttaCOMMS incident management system offers real-time integration of video and audio streams, enabling improved collaboration and providing ongoing, relevant, actionable intelligence. CyttaAIR, a groundbreaking CYCA platform designed to innovate and consolidate the best of drone hardware, software, and resources for Federal and State Law Enforcement Agencies. The CYCA CyttaCOMP ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) technology delivers real-time compression of video streams with ultra-low latency.

Cytta Corp’s focus on security and interoperability positions it to capture significant market share as regulatory environments continue to support advanced drone technologies. The company’s unique offerings and growing interest from potential clients underscore its potential to become a leading provider in the drone technology market.

Compared to its competitors, CYCA offers a unique value proposition with its secure streaming capabilities and broad compatibility, making it a highly attractive investment opportunity.

CYCA collaborations with law enforcement agencies and emergency responders highlight its practical value and market dominance potential. Continuous advancements in the CYCA CyttaCOMMS 3.0 platform ensure that CYCA remains at the forefront of drone communication technology.

CYCA Partnership with FIZUAS to Dominate the American Drone Reseller and Advanced Streaming Technology Market

On June 13th CYCA announced that its CyttaAIR program, in an expansion of its longstanding reseller partnership with FIZUAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems, a premier national drone reseller, is now entering the drone reseller market. This strategic joint venture aims to meet the growing demand for American-made drones, particularly from law enforcement agencies transitioning away from foreign drones.

This expanded CYCA partnership with FIZUAS comes at a critical time when numerous law enforcement agencies in Florida are seeking guidance on which drone brands and models to purchase. This transition to American-made drones is driven by legislative changes and a heightened focus on data security. Through this joint venture, CYCA will provide these agencies with top-tier, compliant drone options, enhancing their operational capabilities and ensuring adherence to new regulations.

This collaboration is poised to position CYCA as a dominant player in the drone reseller market. By leveraging FIZUAS’s extensive reseller network and expertise, the CYCA CyttaAIR/FIZUAS partnership will jointly offer a comprehensive range of drones equipped with the secure and collaborative capabilities of CyttaCOMMS. This move underscores the CYCA commitment to providing cutting-edge technology solutions that meet the evolving needs of law enforcement and other critical sectors.

CYCA CyttaCARES: Pioneering Mobile Technology for School Safety

On May 17th CYCA announced the launch of the initial version of CyttaCARES (Crisis Alert and Response Emergency System), a groundbreaking mobile application designed to revolutionize school safety. CyttaCARES was created under the leadership of Natalia Sokolova, CYCA President, and COO of Cytta Corp, who is a dedicated advocate for child and family safety.

The instant SOS alert feature automatically triggers a video call that is shared with all emergency responders responsible for protecting the school. This ensures that the necessary authorities are promptly notified and can swiftly evaluate the situation to offer assistance as required, without wasted precious time.

The CYCA CyttaCOMMS has solidified its position as a frontrunner in secure drone communications technology.

Additionally, the CYCA CyttaCARES application provides seamless communication and coordination among, faculty, and staff during non-emergency, day-to-day activities. With features such as collaboration channels, instant audio and video alerts, interactive maps, and secure messaging, CyttaCARES acts as a proactive safety net, enhancing efficiency and creating a more conducive learning environment within the school.

CYCA Initiative for Florida Law Enforcement Agencies Generates Overwhelming Response Amid New Drone Regulation Changes

On May 9th CYCA announced a pivotal initiative aimed at aiding Florida Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) in transitioning their drone fleets to American made drones certified under the Defense Department’s Blue UAS program.

Over 127 law enforcement agencies across the State of Florida have reached out directly to CYCA regarding their drone programs and implementing CyttaCOMMS secure drone streaming solution for their new drone fleets. CyttaCOMMS 3.0 is currently the only available drone streaming solution for all drone brands and types with a single annual subscription for the entire drone fleet.

This CYCA effort is in response to the imminent expiration of the Florida Drone Grant Program, set for June 30, 2024, and the substantial regulatory changes imposed by the State of Florida.

Skyrocketing Law Enforcement Interest in CYCA CyttaCOMMS Following Groundbreaking AI-Enhanced Marketing Campaign

On April 25th CYCA announced a surge in demand for its proprietary CyttaCOMMS software solution following a highly successful and innovative marketing campaign in Florida.

The latest CYCA marketing efforts have centered on Florida, leveraging advanced AI technology, hyper-local ad targeting platforms, and strategic content marketing to engage law enforcement agencies. These efforts were designed to highlight the urgent need for secure, reliable video streaming solutions in light of the recent legislative changes.

The marketing program’s focus on Florida was strategic, responding directly to the State’s ban on DJI drones for law enforcement use, which prompted agencies to seek compliant alternatives. By addressing these urgent needs with targeted, informative content and digital advertising, the CYCA CyttaCOMMS has solidified its position as a frontrunner in secure drone communications technology.

CYCA plans to replicate this successful model in other States. With the increasing likelihood of additional State-level bans on DJI drones, similar to those enacted in Florida, the effectiveness of CyttaCOMMS AI-enhanced, hyper-targeted marketing strategy presents a valuable template.

CYCA intends to leverage this blueprint to expand its reach, anticipating and addressing the evolving needs of law enforcement and public safety agencies across the nation. This proactive approach not only positions the CYCA CyttaCOMMS as a leader in secure drone streaming solutions but also underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing the operational capabilities of its users with cutting-edge technology.

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