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DESTIN, Fla., Aug. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Xtreme Fighting Championships (OTC:DKMR) and Xtreme Organics (OTC:SDNI) are proud to announce that Xtreme Organics is the Presenting Sponsor for XFC 45 and YoungGuns 3, which take place Friday, Aug. 6 at the DeltaPlex Arena in Grand Rapids, MI, LIVE on FOX Sports 2, XFCTV.com and around the world on the XFC’s many global broadcast partners.

Xtreme Organics makes CBD products for extreme lifestyles, and have been working extensively with XFC and its fighters in the development of their cutting-edge products, as well as with athletes from the world of motoX, supercross, FMX, ArenaCross, skate, surf and snow.

As previously announced, Xtreme Organics’ Amplified H20 is the exclusive water sponsor for XFC 45 and YoungGuns 3. Amplified H20 is a new pH-balanced springwater from Xtreme Organics. Amplified H20 is bottled at the source in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia. The springwater is amplified with electrolytes and essential minerals, with an ideal pH of 8.5. Amplified H20 is bottled in aluminum cans and bottles in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic in landfills from water bottles.

XFC President Myron Molotky: “The XFC is very excited to strengthen our working relationship with Xtreme Organics, a world-class organization on the cutting edge of CBD science. We’re very excited to once again promote Xtreme Organics on the XFC’s global marketing platform.”

XFC CEO Steve Smith: “The XFC takes tremendous pride in working with organizations on the cutting edge of their industry, so Xtreme Organics is a perfect fit for the XFC Hexagon. This partnership will be very beneficial for both parties.”

Xtreme Organics CEO: Jamie Allen: “Xtreme Organics is very excited to once again grace the XFC’s famed Hexagon. The XFC is the most exciting fight promotion in the world, and we’re thrilled to be working with the organization in such a large capacity.”

About XFC
Xtreme Fighting Championships, Inc. (formerly Duke Mountain Resources, Inc.) is the first publicly traded premier international mixed martial arts (“MMA”) organization with offices throughout the United States and South America, trading under the ticker symbol DKMR. Xtreme Fighting Championships (“XFC”) is now partnered with the FOX family of networks in the United States, and has previously been carried on some of the largest open television broadcasters in Latin America – Rede TV! as well as HBO, ESPN, NBC Sports Network, Telemundo Universo, Esportes Interativo, Terra TV (the largest internet portal in the world), and UOL – the largest internet portal in Latin America, and premium cable & satellite television network. The XFC has had over 185 exclusively signed fighters, representing over 35+ countries worldwide with even more growth expected. Boasting the signing of The Next Generation of Male & Female Superstars, the XFC is known for entertaining fans with the most action packed MMA events both on television and in stadium venues. The Next Generation of MMA.

About Xtreme Organics Inc.
Xtreme Organics, Inc. (A subsidiary of Scandia Inc.) is a manufacturer and distributor of organic CBD supplements developed by a team of bioscientists, doctors and world-renowned personal trainers, in cooperation with extreme sports athletes from MMA, MotoX, FMX, snow, skate, and surf. We take pride in the fact that athletes trust us to provide them with the CBN, CBC and CBG Dietary Supplements they need to Out-Perform, Out-Last, and Recover Faster than their competition. Xtreme Organics products help athletes combat their No. 1 enemy, inflammation. We spent over five years growing, testing, and developing industry-leading best practices for USDA Certified Organic Hemp before we made a single supplement. Unlike other CBG companies, we only use USDA Certified organic hemp grown on our farms in all of our products. Xtreme Organics is a proud sponsor of XFCMMA

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