The New Social Media and Publishing Platform World Illustrated Seeking Investors

The Cutting-Edge Platform Brilliantly Fuses Content, Licensing, and Merchandising to Empower Users to See, Share and Shop All In One Sleek Interface

FORT MYERS, FL, USA, December 23, 2022 / — They say “content is kingâ€�, but is all content created equal? Is more content always better? What about irrelevant content? In 2022 content is certainly everywhere, from Instagram to Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Yes, content is king — but the quality of that content is the real king in question. What if there were a new kind of social media platform that only featured high-quality professional content, masterfully curated to one’s interests, featuring unique sharing, licensing, and merchandising capabilities unlike anything on the market today?

Introducing World Illustrated, the revolutionary web publisher and cutting-edge social media plat-form designed to change the face of social media and e-commerce. The purpose-driven inter-section of integrated technology, World Illustrated combines the best of both worlds to create a platform that professional content creators can use to monetize their work while content con-sumers can consume without saturation or frustration.

Founded in 2022 by Charles Taylor and currently seeking like-minded investors on WeFunder, World Illustrated is dismantling the stigmas and frustrations with modern social media to usher in a new era of empowered content creators and consumers. World Illustrated is the first social media network to lead with professional, curated, organized multi-media content with an
initial pool of over 250m professional high-quality photos, videos, sound, and articles.

Users can then publish, license and merchandise their content to the media, and all users of World Illustrated to see, share and shop with ease. Rivaling the limited capabilities of Pinterest and Instagram, World Illustrated’s integration empowers revenue streams beyond traditional ad-vertising methods.

“Over the years, I have advised and helped fund many early-stage ventures. The World Illus-trated idea is impressive in its simplicity and the elegance with which is it being developed- en-hancing user experience. The company fills a space that benefits both users and contributors in a huge potential market. I like the existing cash flows, the experience of the team, and that the project is in a very advanced stage. I believe crowdfunding will also go towards creating more awareness of the product – a win/win situation. I also think their go-to-market strategy is spot-on.â€� – Nicholas Mavroleon, Lead Investor

Through proof of concept, dedication to community, and unwavering commitment to changing the face of e-commerce and social media to usher in a new era of innovation, World Illustrated’s purpose-driven vision can begin to come to fruition with the support of like-minded investors.

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About World Illustrated

World Illustrated is a revolutionary web publisher and cutting-edge social media platform de-signed to change the face of content licensing. Founded in 2022 by Charles Taylor, World Illus-trated exists to disrupt the social media and e-commerce spaces by creating an innovative and integrated solution to content, licensing, and merchandising.

Professional content creators, content buyers and individuals who wish to use the social media tools can pre-register ahead of the public launch in Q1 2023.



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