Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partners with Akcru to create their live-to-earn all-in-one streaming platform

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Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC has partnered with the Akcru Platform to create a user-centric engagement platform where users can stream and redeem their Earnings

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, USA, December 28, 2022 / — Akcru is the first watch-to-earn all-in-one platform. They allow their consumers to earn Akcru tokens for consuming content on their platform for one monthly fee. At Akcru, their goal is to provide their subscribers with a catalog of popular movies, new and old alike, to ignite nostalgia and excitement while also earning Akcru points for consuming the content. Priymus also aims to offer live-action sports such as HSBCU football, basketball, soccer, and more. Apart from this, the Akcru subscribers will gain early access to live concerts using their Akcru points and access passes on special events. They will also be able to avail of debit cards to redeem the earned Akcru points and use them to buy products in the platform marketplace and outside the platform.

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Priymus and prepared comprehensive investor documentation, IM, Whitepapers, Decks, strategy, and the composite Tokenomics and financial model for their idea of the future of video streaming. We emphasized the project’s mission, the problems associated with the streaming platform, and the solutions for the play-to-earn model. The engagement sheds light on the unique selling proposition, market opportunity, customer journey, partners, and the token management of the Akcru tokens. We also shed light on the project roadmap and coin distribution and segmentation. To understand the project’s viability, details of the application of funds and the methods to build coin utility have also been provided.

Ruskin Felix Consulting has been a part of the rebranding strategies for Priymus, which was later changed to be called Akcru. Ruskin Felix Barar, also the CFO for Akcru, has been closely engaged with the project and has said, “It’s a new exciting time for the streaming world as older existing players have become repetitive and lost charm. We wish to reward users for their time invested with us.”

At Akcru, the mission is to create memories forever for their subscribers through innovative, captivating live and on-demand AI content curated to connect based on their interests. Akcru platform will reward their loyal viewers with token-based gamification and aim to be an all-inclusive streaming experience. The community build of the platform is integral as users can go on personal and group meets for a unified viewing experience using their MIT passes.

RFC has helped the Akcru Network develop solutions that will enhance the token’s value and the coin’s utility. This will be done by providing various market measures to boost the coin’s stability, utility, and internal usability. Akcru has successfully raised $200k as friends and family round. The first quarter of 2023 will be when the company looks to raise the seed capital for the further build of the platform and for the technology and content acquisition divisions to work fully. We expect the platform’s beta version to be out by Q3 2023 as per its projected roadmap.

Unlike the traditional model of watching television, Akcru will change the landscape of content consumption by allowing their subscribers to be rewarded for their time. The platform has a state-of the-art internal risk system to assess content utilization per user and will reward users for the number of hours viewed by the active users. It has a unique view to earn a business model with real-life token utility and card integration allowing users to mine coins while consuming content.

The Akcru platform and its internal tokens are the two central pillars that sustain the Akcru ecosystem. The platform will have various subscription models for users to choose from and earn from their viewership. RFC is excited to be a part of the next generation of streaming platforms and will actively raise the seed capital for the company as a private equity partner for Akcru.

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