Quantum Resistant Cryptography (QRC) and Conteon Inc Make Retail Transaction Infrastructure Quantum Safe

Developing the quantum-safe infrastructure to process retail transactions in real-time, without internet, eliminating the need for passwords and biometrics.

Using QRC’s quantum-resistant encryption significantly improves our security for storing sensitive information in blockchain and transferring data over open 5G+ or on-orbit intercommunication.”

— Yurii Chudinov, Co-Founder and CTO of Conteon Inc.

NEW YORK, USA, January 11, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Quantum Resistant Cryptography (QRC) and Conteon Inc announced today they will partner to make financial transactions and user asset tokenization safe and secure. Combining Conteon’s hybrid hardware architecture with QRC’s advanced encryption algorithms safeguards against the interception of or the tampering with user financial transactions, now and in the post-quantum future.

Conteon’s Ukrainian founders have invented an Emitter that becomes the bridge between DeFi and the classic Fintech infrastructure. The Conteon Emitter allows users to securely interact with payment or critical infrastructure using QR, Bluetooth, and NFC and without using passwords and active biometrics. The Emitter provides an API for the tokenization and/or sale of assets for both crypto and classic currency, as well as the creation of user-scoring certificates and operational tokens for interaction with classic financial instruments.

“QRC’s patented quantum-resistant encryption algorithms significantly improve the security of Conteon for storing sensitive information in blockchain and transferring data over open 5G+ or on-orbit intercommunication ways such as StarLink that could be used in software solutions of the Conteon Emitter,� said Yurii Chudinov, Co-Founder and CTO of Conteon Inc.

“Conteon has created a unique bridge between DeFi and the classic Fintech infrastructure. Their Emitter eliminates passwords and active biometrics and allows users to interact with payment and critical infrastructure through interactive algorithmic-hardware protection using QR codes, Bluetooth and NFC,� said Stiepan Kovac, Founder and CEO of QRC. “We are proud to partner with Conteon to make their innovative solution cryptographically safest and most secure today and in a post-quantum world.�

Both Companies will work together to improve existing solutions and develop new ones in the quantum-safe infrastructure, practices, and extensions of NIST frameworks to provide benefits and secure operation environment to their clients.

About Quantum Resistant Cryptography (QRC)
QRC provides simple, reliable, forward-thinking solutions that are energy-efficient, quantum-resistant, 5G/6G+ compatible and enable future-proof communications, public infrastructure, financial transactions, and private data protection. QRC’s unique patented quantum-safe technology in 5G systems is the only solution recommended by the United Nations International Telecom Union (UN ITU-T). QRC runs on existing server infrastructure, so low CAPEX. Ransomware, custom cyber protection options and further post-quantum evolutions are also provided.

About Conteon Inc
Conteon Inc is a crypto fintech company providing infrastructure to proceed cheap and secure to conduct P2P transactions and payments both by fiat and cryptocurrency. The Conteon develop unique hardware – The Conteon Emitter. It is a patent pending technology which performs hardware multi-signature for retail transactions and tokenization user assets of any type. Also, the Conteon Emitter includes unique algorithms that provides input data-based entropy generator for encryption algorithms.

Media Contact for Conteon Inc: Sergii Demianenko / demian@conteon.io

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