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Nuwart announces the recent launch of its platform, which allows you to participate in the collective purchase of pieces from major Artists.

PARIS, FRANCE, January 2, 2023 / — The Paris-based startup has launched a revolutionary project to democratize and make accessible some of the world’s most fine and expensive artworks. Nuwart is a new decentralized ecosystem for Art, giving art lovers the chance of acquiring collectively blue chip pieces in a safe and transparent way, becoming real owners of the original artworks.

The startup is not an investment fund, having a totally unique approach: through a friendly and secure platform, Nuwart allows anyone to own a share of a physical artwork and decide over the future of the piece, opening new possibilities in the Art market. Using decentralized and non-custodial Blockchain technology, Nuwart lists fine Art pieces in crowdfunding campaigns, assuring that even if Nuwart ceases to exist, all the legal rights of the owners will pervade.

The most breaking aspect from Nuwart is that it allows users to buy art collectively and hold a participation in a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Each individual piece of art belongs to a community of co-owners that decide by vote what to do with their artwork. In this way, every single participation is backed by real value, since it represents the title of ownership of the physical artwork. Nuwart’s business model is fair based, and they only get their commission after a sale is closed; if a presale is not funded completely, all investors funds will be returned automatically by the crowdfunding smart contract.

The founders, Arnaud Sarrade and Pedro Gallardo, with extensive knowledge and experience in the Art and Blockchain worlds respectively, have conceived Nuwart with a clear vision: to become the Art blockchain leader through fair trade, accessibility, education and transparency, bringing the Art market closer to the people.

With names like the mentioned above, Nuwart wants to make a stand promoting artists like Kosolapov, Jim Shaw, Li Lihong, and will allow buying of physical individual Art pieces too, starting with Li Lihong´s Mickey and Apple limited series. Buyers of individual NFTs will receive the Artwork purchased at home, using NFT technology in a novel way to transmit and track Art ownership.

Nuwart has already launches its first presale on 1st Jan 2023, and inscriptions in the waiting list are open at

Arnaud Sarrade
993072211 ext.
email us here

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