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BROOMFIELD, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, January 4, 2023 / — Tanis McGonegal Family Law is one of Denver’s most experienced divorce law firms. Attorneys Leonard D. Tanis and Michael McGonegal have over 34 years of experience working with individuals considering divorce in the North Denver area. Over the years, Tanis McGonegal Family Law has seen a larger-than-average number of individuals in Colorado choosing to file for divorce in the month of January.

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers notes the number of divorce filings in January is actually one-third higher than normal throughout the United States. Many people even go so far as to refer to January as “Divorce Month.� Google search data even shows that searches related to divorce peak every year between January 6 and 12.

It is not uncommon for people to consider ending their marriages around the holiday season or at the start of a new year. Some people may feel pressure to maintain the appearance of a happy family during the holidays and decide to wait until the new year to initiate a divorce. Others may feel a sense of renewed hope and motivation at the start of a new year and decide to make a change in their personal lives, such as ending a marriage that is no longer fulfilling. There may also be practical considerations, such as wanting to wait until the end of the year for financial reasons.

According to Tanis McGonegal Family Law partners Leonard D. Tanis and Michael McGonegal, these are some of the reasons that have resulted in January being referred to as “Divorce Month�:

New Year, New Me

It is not uncommon for people to view the start of a new year as a time for fresh starts and new beginnings, and this may include making changes in their personal lives, such as ending an unhappy marriage. The holiday season and the end of the year can also be a time of reflection, and individuals may take stock of their lives and decide to make changes that align with their values and goals.

Stress Rises During the Holiday Season

It is common for stress levels to increase during the holiday season due to a variety of factors such as financial pressures, increased social obligations, and the added pressure to have a perfect holiday. These stressors can exacerbate existing problems in a relationship and may contribute to a decision to seek a divorce.


Infidelity can cause divorce after the holidays for a number of reasons. For one, the holiday season is often a time when couples are able to spend more time together, which can reveal underlying issues in the relationship. If there has been infidelity, the betrayed partner may feel a deep sense of betrayal and mistrust, which can be difficult to move past. Additionally, the holiday season is often a time of heightened emotions and stress, which can exacerbate the already strained relationship caused by infidelity. The feelings of hurt and betrayal can be too much for the relationship to withstand, leading to a decision to divorce.

Thinking of the Children

It is understandable that couples with children may want to wait until after the holiday season to initiate a divorce, as the holidays can be a particularly special and meaningful time for children. Breaking the news of a divorce to children can be difficult, and it may be especially challenging to do so during the holidays when children may be looking forward to celebrating and enjoying time with their family. If you are considering a divorce and have children, it may be helpful to consider their well-being and try to minimize any additional stress or disruption during the holiday season. This may involve waiting until after the holidays to initiate the divorce process and taking care to communicate with your children in a sensitive and age-appropriate manner when the time comes.

Tax & Financial Planning Considerations

It is not uncommon for people to consider the financial implications of a divorce when making the decision to end their marriage. Filing taxes as a single person rather than a married couple can have significant tax implications, and this may be a factor in a couple’s decision to seek a divorce. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are many other financial considerations to take into account when considering a divorce, such as the division of assets, alimony or spousal support, and child support. It is important to carefully assess the financial impact of divorce and to seek the guidance of a financial planner or other professional if needed.

For individuals thinking about divorce during the month of January, or at any other time during the year, it is important to remember that seeking a divorce is a serious decision with significant emotional and financial implications. It is natural to want to move through the process as quickly as possible, but it is important to take the time to carefully consider all of the factors involved and to try to approach the process with a level head. Rushing into things or making hasty decisions can lead to regrets later on and may even prolong the process if they are not well thought out. It is also important to remember that seeking a divorce is a personal decision and there is no “right” time to do it.

Regardless of the timing, it is very important that individuals who are considering divorce speak with an experienced divorce lawyer that can help them navigate the often complex and emotional process of ending a marriage, especially as it relates to things like alimony, child support, financial decisions, and more. It is also important to have attorneys who are sensitive to the unique needs and concerns of individuals during what can be a particularly difficult and stressful time. Tanis McGonegal Family Law’s focus on providing personalized service and extended hours to clients can be beneficial in ensuring that clients have the support and guidance they need during this challenging time.

Tanis McGonegal Family Law is one of Denver’s most experienced divorce law firms. Attorneys Leonard D. Tanis and Michael McGonegal have over 34 years of experience working with individuals considering separation and divorce. Tanis McGonegal Family Law is dedicated to finding the best possible outcome for married couples, couples with children, and same-sex couples choosing divorce. According to Tanis and McGonegal, it is important to remember that the goal of the divorce process should be to reach a fair and mutually acceptable resolution. This may involve making compromises and taking the time to negotiate terms that are fair to both parties. It is crucial to work with an experienced and skilled divorce lawyer who can guide the process and protect the best interests of their client.

About Tanis McGonegal Family Law

Tanis McGonegal Family Law partners Leonard D. Tanis and Michael McGonegal specialize in helping clients facing difficult divorce matters. Their approach is unique from other divorce law firms because they listen and take the time to guide families through all of their options with the family’s best interests at heart and in mind at all times.

Tanis McGonegal Family Law’s experienced attorneys genuinely understand the northwest Denver area and the issues faced by families in those communities. They help dozens of local families with the unique challenges facing today’s modern family, such as child tax credits and other tax considerations in divorce, child custody rights, grandparents’ rights, LGBTQ+ family law issues, and other key factors that should be considered in ending a marriage.

Based in Broomfield and serving Northwest Denver including Boulder, Erie, Longmont, Louisville, Northglenn, Westminster, and the rest of Denver, Tanis McGonegal Family Law is one of the highest-rated divorce law firms in Colorado. Tanis McGonegal Family Law assists clients with family law matters, child custody issues, child support matters, alimony issues, adoption, high asset cases, property division, high conflict cases, civil protective orders, domestic violence, Colorado common law marriage, and post-divorce issues. They also are experienced Child Support lawyers. In addition, the firm offers preparation of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

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