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Metaskins To Host and Promote Premier Combat Sports Event and Custom B2FS Digital Wearables NFT Collection

MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA / ACCESSWIRE / March 23, 2022 / Metaskins Studios (“Metaskins” or the “Company”), the fully customizable one-stop shop for all your metaverse and NFT needs, is excited to announce its upcoming role in hosting and promoting “B2FS 153”, a Decentraland combat sports special event, in partnership with B2Digital Incorporated (“B2Digital”) (OTC PINK:BTDG), the premier development league for mixed martial arts (“MMA”).

According to terms agreed upon by both parties, B2FS 153 is just the first of multiple MMA fight night events that Metaskins will facilitate for B2 Digital at premier venues in Decentraland, the leading open-source browser-based metaverse platform. Metaskins will also more broadly promote the “B2 Digital” and “B2 Fighting Series” brands within the metaverse, helping B2 Digital access a massive untapped audience of digitally native fans through the Company’s Decentraland networks and metaverse-centered promotional strategies.

B2FS 153 will be the first crossover event executed by the partnership between the B2 Fighting Series (“B2FS”) and Metaskins. The event will take place live on March 26 IRL (In Real Life) at the Dothan City Civic Center in Dothan, Alabama, and virtually at The Aquarium Casino in the Vegas City District in Decentraland at coordinates (-140, 127).

Metaskins has also created a line of custom digital accessories associated with the B2 Fighting Series brand (“NFT Wearables”) to help promote the brand in the metaverse.

The first B2 wearable, which has been launched in Decentraland, and will be available for purchase at the March 26th Fight Night, is a digital “B2 Fighter” avatar body available for both male and female avatars. The B2 Fighter avatar body is highly differentiated from the standard Decentraland avatar body design, and carries the B2 logo on the front and Aquarium Casino branding on the back to advertise the partnership between B2 Digital and The Aquarium Casino. This merchandise will be sold for 6 MANA (approximately USD $15) and will be available at multiple locations, including inside The Aquarium Casino, at the official Metaskins store (38, -2), and at the Decentraland marketplace.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to facilitate a thriving future in the metaverse for another amazing brand,” said Metaskins CEO David Cummings. “The B2 Fighting Series has become a juggernaut in the MMA world, with action-packed live event content that should translate perfectly into the metaverse context and generate a ton of excitement and engagement among users.”

This event will inaugurate the implementation of B2 Digital’s comprehensive metaverse strategy, which will extend beyond live events to include innovative components such as branded digital goods, fight video clip NFTs, and other high-impact digital marketing strategies to be introduced over coming months in partnership with Metaskins.

“We have been building toward this step, and our partnership with Metaskins Studios has put us in position to roll out an aggressive NFT strategy beginning with our wearables offering at B2FS 153,” stated Greg P. Bell, CEO and Founder of B2 Digital. “This offers the Company a completely new channel for revenue creation as well as a sticky new avenue to continue driving brand awareness within a rapidly growing new media universe.”

Ultimately, this partnership is part of Metaskins Studios larger game plan to turn the metaverse into a mainstream option for socializing and entertainment.

Cummings added, “The unique capabilities afforded by the metaverse enable the creation of a completely new type of social experience that could not exist without it. Metaskins Studios will continually work to exploit this new technology to create an entirely new kind of entertainment industry, and this plan starts with brazen, innovative partners like B2 Digital.”

About Metaskins is a fully customizable one-stop shop for any and all metaverse or NFT needs. We specialize in personalized digital wearables, custom infrastructure built on metaverse parcels and brand tailored metaverse events. In the past, we have created some of the highest quality metaverse-ready 3D avatars out there and we are ready to do the same for any of your projects! Based in Colombia, our talented team of in-house modelers, marketers and smart contract developers offer a wide range of services and skills. From video game development to the creation of random generated NFT art for your newest collection, we take your imagination
and turn it into a Web 3 reality. The sky’s the limit at Metaskins, and we look forward to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the Metaverse through the construction of your newest projects.

As far as our history is concerned, we are quite proud of our track record. Metaskins has thrown successful metaverse events, from casino nights to Bare Knuckle Fight Championship Fight Nights. We were responsible for the high-resolution 3D art behind various amazing NFT projects. We’ve also designed custom wearables for the likes of Snarky Sharks NFT and NFTweak for further references.

We can’t wait to make your meta-dreams a real success.

Camila Wolff

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