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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 20, 2022 / Great Tang Bid Technology, Inc. (“OTCPink:ESPI”) CEO Zhuang Rong Cheng announced today that the Company has entered into a firm Letter of Intent to acquire 100 percent ownership in Great Tang Digital Limited of Hong Kong (“GT Digital”).

“We at Great Tang Bid are pleased to have found an acquisition in GT Digital that will fill out our operations in an exciting and fast-moving industry,” Mr. Zhuang said. “We look forward to completing a definitive Share Exchange Agreement and Closing as quickly as possible,” he concluded.

ESPI, a Nevada corporation, is currently in the process of completing a name change and other actions with FINRA from its prior Nevada name of ESP Resources, Inc. Having successfully emerged from bankruptcy in 2021 (United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District of Texas on April 28, 2021; Case No.: 16-60021), ESPI is currently an SEC reporting Pink Sheet company on the OTC Markets, Inc. platform.

“All of the actions we have been taking in the past few months have just been a lead-in to this important step for the Company,” Zhuang concluded.

In responding to Mr. Zhuang’s announcement, GT Digital CEO Ms. Joanne Chong responded that “GT Digital is creating a leading edge operating company in the digital art space. GT Digital’s digital art service platform is designed to integrate NFT auctions, digital art exhibitions, traditional art digital solutions, and digital art. It is based on blockchain and NFT technology.”

Ms. Chong further explained that “GT Digital is uniquely positioned to combine on-line and on-site integrated auction platforms, decentralized digital art service frameworks, and NFT technology to build a platform that serves the art industry. It is in the process of building a service platform that combines digital art work, digitization of traditional art via NFT, and a digital art fund for young artists. With the Great Tang auction platform as the anchor point, GT Digital’s ecosystem can extend before, during, and after the auction.”

Great Tang Bid’s CEO Mr. Zhuang added that “On March 11, 2021, at an auction held by the British auction house Christie’s, the NFT artwork ‘Everydays: The First 5000 Days,’ created by the surreal artist Beepe, was sold at $69.35 million. This convinced us at ESPI that this is an industry that we very much wanted to enter. We believed that as a result of this kind of auction sale demonstration of price to product, NFT artworks has the capacity to profoundly impact the art industry. We want to be in the forefront of this new art community.”


Ms. Joanne Chong
PH: 852-9184-4885

Background on GTD HK

The business model of Great Tang Digital Hong Kong is based on what is called a “Non-Fungible Token” (NFT), which is a digital token, each of which is unique and non-reproducible. Each NFT is permanently linked to a digital asset such as a piece of art, music, video or other digitally produced object. Great Tang Digital is planning to develop its own NFT collections, and has applied for the “SunMonkey” trademark under Hong Kong trademark law for this NFT collection. GT Digital is prepared to use Ethereum or Polygon to mint its “Sunmonkey” collection. GT Digital’s current focus for its development work is to utilize existing public blockchain. As its business progresses, it will evaluate its need for developing proprietary blockchain technology.

Based on the on-line NFT, GT Digital is focused on four business profit centers:

On-line Auction. The foundation of the newly combined Great Tang company is intended to be an on-line auction platform that integrates NFT auctions, digital art exhibitions, traditional art digital solutions, and digital art. GT Digital expects upon completion of the acquisition to build a service platform that combines digital art work, digitization of traditional art via NFT, and a digital art fund for young artists. Users would display, trade, and auction various digital assets on the Great Tang NFT secondary trading platform. This would lower the threshold of use, improve ease of use, and provide transaction security with on-chain contracts.

Derivative Sales. A second profit center is designed to license digital art, commercial IP, and its derivatives to art space. The intention is to include selectively building an art exhibition in a Metaverse platform, such as Decentraland/Sandbox/Haina Nebula. Additionally, the Company will have the ability to regularly hold Great Tang Digital Metaverse Art Exhibitions to provide a showcase, trading, and community for digital arts and their derivatives.

An Artist Incubation. By partnering with digital artists to create digital artwork with commercial IP, the Company would like to initiate a “Digital Ullens” incubation program to select future top digital artists from around the world to ensure the quality of future auction works.

Art Investment Fund. Finally, the Company is prepared to establish a digital art investment fund to allow Great Tang to introduce high-quality resources; and thereby, become a GP, complete LP capital injections through collector clubs, and make value investments in high-quality digital artists and digital artworks.

With these four profit centers in place and operational, Great Tang should be well positioned to be a global leader in the NFT art industry.

Forward-Looking Statements

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