Digital Nomads Rush to Portugal As the New Visa Scheme Launches

UNITED STATES, December 8, 2022 / — Portugal attracts a large number of digital nomads each year thanks to its mild climate, beautiful shorelines, and mountainous landscapes, as well as its vibrant, culture-rich, and history-rich cities and towns. Forbes named Portugal as one of the best places to live after Covid-19. Furthermore, Portugal recently announced the launch of its own digital nomad visa, making the opportunity to move even more accessible.

According to Silvia Vital, the director of Happy Sounds Like, Portugal will continue to attract digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and remote workers. Vital says “We have a large community of digital nomads from all over the world who prefer to live in Portugal because the cost of living is nearly 40% lower than in their home countries – primarily in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavian countries. The slow pace of life and deep culture add to this charm, too.â€�

“The inquiries we get from digital nomads from the US and UK have doubled in two-years time� Vital adds.

Portugal Welcomes Digital Nomads With Its Warm Weather and Low Costs
Apart from a thriving digital nomad community, Portugal attracts digital nomads with warm weather and relatively lower cost of living, when compared to other Western European countries. Vital says “I myself prefer to spend most of the winter in the south of the country. Although it’s known to be a summer holiday destination, I take advantage of lower costs during the off-season. When I get bored, I hop on a bus and go to Lisbon…I can find a bus ticket for €9…�

With the introduction of the Portugal Digital Nomad visa, the interest from non-EU citizens is expected to rise. As the new scheme offers a one-year residence permit, it’s very suitable for those who have to leave Portugal after three months, as per immigration rules. Vital says “Before the scheme became official, we used to get questions from the Brits who wanted to move to Lisbon or Porto. Now that the visa is official, the inquiries have almost tripled.�

Most Digital Nomads Prefer Serviced Apartments
Now that the digital nomad Portugal scene is ready to get to the next level thanks to the digital nomad visa, the question arises: Where will these digital nomads stay? Do they prefer hostels, and hotels or prefer to rent? Vital says, “Most of the digital nomads I’ve met so far prefer to stay in serviced apartments. Some younger ones also opt for a coliving space when they first arrive in the country. But as they become more familiar with other accommodation options, they typically choose to live in a serviced apartment.�

“There is also a certain group of freelancers and digital nomads who consider investing in real estate in Portugal. When compared to other Western Europe countries, the properties in Portugal are still relatively affordable. Although they have a location-independent mindset, the attractive housing prices sometimes lead nomads to consider making Portugal their permanent home.�

Will Portugal Continue Being a Digital Nomad Hotspot?

As the interest in Portugal has significantly increased since the announcement of the Digital Nomad visa, the questions arise: How long will this trend continue? Vital is optimistic. “My feeling is that Portugal will continue its popularity as a digital nomad spot. It’s already among the best tourist destinations in Europe and those who are eligible for a digital nomad visa, will definitely want to come back and live in Portugal.�

Vital continues, “Not only digital nomads, but entrepreneurs have discovered Portugal too. Look at Lisbon, where the startup scene has increased by 30 percent per year, which is twice the average for the rest of Europe. Lisbon also has a number of startup hubs and communities that help to foster an entrepreneurial spirit. This country is the full package!�
More About Portugal Digital Nomad Visa
To be eligible for a digital nomad Portugal visa, you need to prove that:

Your monthly income is around €2,800 and this income comes from sources outside of Portugal
You have a work agreement/contract with a company outside of Portugal
You’ve obtained your tax number in Portugal

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