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Much Quicker Order Fulfilment Than Competitors for Less Lethal Weapons, Riot Shields and Other Vital Security Products Marketed Worldwide: Lamperd Less Lethal, Inc. (Stock Symbol: LLLI)

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Lamperd Less Lethal, Inc. (OTC: LLLI) is a developer, manufacturer and international sales company for advanced less lethal weapons, ammunition and other security products marketed to police, correctional, military and private security forces. LLLI manufactures and sells over 300 different products including small & large caliber projectile guns, flash-bang devices, pepper spray devices, 37mm & 40mm, 12 gauge & 20 gauge launching systems, plus a versatile selection of riot shields for all situations.   

LLLI manufactures all its products in-house and has very reliable local suppliers for raw materials. This advantage gives LLLI top level quality control and also much quicker order fulfilment than other companies in the industry who outsource their production. LLLI has been in business for over 50 years and has excellent government relations to obtain export permits for customers all over the world.  

LLLI products have been developed in conjunction with the University of Western Ontario under the most stringent standards for effectiveness and also safety. LLLI has the best safety record in the industry with zero deaths or serious injuries resulting from use of its products in all of the company’s history. LLLI also offers advisory services and hands-on training classes run by highly accredited instructors.   

The Non-lethal Weapons Market size is estimated at USD $4,986.31 million in 2023, and is expected to reach USD $6,122.23 million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 4.19% during the forecast period (2023-2028).


Two New Orders for Humane Animal Distraction Products

On July 11th LLLI announced receiving two new orders for its safe and effective humane animal distraction devices. These animal control product orders were placed by two different LLLI distributors, both of which are important retail sales companies serving approved customers in Canada. Both orders have been paid in full and shipped to the customers.

LLLI has developed a broad line of humane products for police, animal control officers and others for protection from aggressive dogs or other animals without resorting to the use of deadly force. These alternatives can allow users to harmlessly drive off bears, moose and other wildlife from areas where they are not wanted.

LLLI has been supplying these types of products for over 20 years and they have proven to deliver excellent results with high reliability and safety. To see the full line of LLLI Humane Animal Control products visit the company website at this direct link:

Order Received for Special Munitions Rounds from New International Customer

On May 31st LLLI announced receiving an important police services order with full payment from a new international customer. This order is for a special type of less lethal munition which LLLI has carefully developed in conjunction with The University of Western Ontario.

LLLI offers a wide range of less lethal munitions for 37mm, 40 mm, 20 gauge and 12 gauge weapons so officers can have the right tool for every job. These options include the proven LLLI WASP & SOC Impact rounds as well as Muzzle Blast Pepper, including Aerial Burst, Green Sticky Gel, Door Breacher and lower capacity Training Rounds.

LLLI OC Aerial Burst munitions can travel 100+ ft and cover an area of 200 sq.ft for more effective and safer riot control. These rounds drop no dangerous debris, only a powerful but harmless OC compound to disburse unruly crowds. LLLI offers Aerial Burst options for multiple types of launching systems including 20 gauge and 12 gauge police shotguns that are in widespread use around the world.

Lamperd Less Lethal is Prepared to Deliver Advanced Riot Shields in a Range of Sizes and Types with Quickest Order Fulfillment Thanks to In-House Production

On May 2nd LLLI announced that it is fully prepared to meet the rising need for riot shields in the United States, Canada and other countries around the world. LLLI riot shields are currently serving all over the globe with police, military and correctional facility customers.

LLLI can deliver completed orders for riot shields on a very timely basis with all manufacturing done in-house and no outsourcing needed. LLLI also has established very dependable local sources for all raw materials needed. Therefore, LLLI can offer the quickest order fulfillment of any riot shield provider, generally in a matter of weeks as opposed to many months or even over a year, as is the case with other suppliers. The LLLI riot shield line offers many different types and sizes as can be reviewed on the company website here: Sizes are available from 24 inch (610mm) up to 71 inch (1800mm) with 4.5mm or 3mm thickness and optional gun ports for less lethal weapons. The LLLI advanced interlocking feature can allow multiple riot shields to be quicky linked together to form a strong, interlocking barrier. LLLI Interlocking Riot Shields are currently being used by many police agencies throughout the United States. Curved, Round and Non-Interlocking types are also available for different applications.

The LLLI Capture Shield allows corrections officers to pin an unruly prisoner against a wall to safely regain control. Strong, clear Lexan material is used for lightweight ease of handling and maneuverability. The LLLI Capture Shield is currently in use at correctional facilities throughout Canada. For more detailed information, photos and a demonstration video visit the LLLI website here:

LLLI Extraction Shields are another available option, ideally sized and shaped to help prevent broken ribs and other common injuries or bodily fluid contamination while transferring persons to and from police cars, ambulances or other tight spaces. See them on the LLLI website here:

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