North Texas Thaws Out: Goodbye ICE, Hello Muddy Paws and Shoes

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Artificial turf is, low-maintenance, and provides a clean and dry surface even in wet and muddy conditions.

We have been helping fight muddy paws and shoes for the past 16 years. We strive in providing the best and most durable artificial turf in the market.”

— Nick Ogilvie

CELINA, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2023 / — As North Texas residents are faced with the aftermath of the latest ice storm, many are finding themselves dealing with the unwanted problem of muddy paws and shoes brought into their homes. The solution to this issue is simple: switch to artificial turf.

Artificial turf is a cost-effective and low-maintenance alternative to natural grass. It provides a clean and dry surface, even in wet and muddy conditions. This makes it the perfect solution for North Texas residents who are tired of dealing with the mess left behind by their pets and family members after a storm. Not only does it eliminate the mess, but it also eliminates the time and effort it takes to clean up after every storm.

In addition to its practical benefits, artificial turf is also a more environmentally friendly option. Natural grass requires regular watering, fertilizing, and mowing, which contributes to water waste and air pollution. Artificial turf, on the other hand, is low-maintenance and does not require any water or fertilization. This makes it a great option for North Texas residents who are concerned about their impact on the environment.

Another advantage of artificial turf is its durability. Unlike natural grass, which can easily become worn or damaged from heavy foot traffic, artificial turf is built to last. It is made from a combination of durable synthetic materials that are designed to withstand the elements and heavy foot traffic. This makes it a great investment for North Texas residents who are tired of constantly having to replace their natural grass.

Artificial turf is also a great option for North Texas residents who are looking for a low-maintenance and attractive outdoor living space. It is available in a variety of colors and textures, so it can be customized to fit any outdoor living space. Additionally, it is easy to clean and maintain, so residents can enjoy their outdoor living space without having to spend hours maintaining it.

In conclusion, switching to artificial turf is a great solution for North Texas residents who are tired of dealing with the mess left behind by muddy paws and shoes after every storm. It is a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly option that provides a clean and dry surface, even in wet and muddy conditions. Additionally, it is a durable and attractive investment that is built to last, so residents can enjoy their outdoor living space without having to worry about constant maintenance.

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Auto2x ranks the top opportunities in Circular Autos for the automotive industry

Circular Autos_Auto2x

New report “Opportunities in Circular Autos”, Auto2x

Circular Autos are a new vehicle class for Sustainable Mobility; fully-electric, built from the ground-up with renewable resources and embedded recyclability.

Circular Auto is the embodiment of next generation clean, sustainable and purpose-made vehicles for the optimization of the movement of people and goods”

— Auto2x

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 4, 2023 / — Auto2x publishes new report: “Gearing up to Circular Autos: Emerging opportunities, regulation and technology for the shift to Sustainable Mobility”.

Circular Autos represent a new vehicle class; fully-electric, connected vehicles, built from the ground-up with renewable resources and embedded recyclability. They could be the silver bullet to the disruption the automotive industry faces; digitalization and sustainability amid the worsening economic outlook.

This report unveils the top opportunities in the transition to sustainable mobility and provides an outlook for the technological building blocks and the impact of regulation. Read our report to learn:

1. How can Circular Mobility lead the automotive transformation to sustainability;
2. What is the impact of emission regulations and policies for Sustainable Vehicles;
3. What is the pace of innovation for key technological enablers of Circular Autos;
4. Why consumer sentiment is changing towards Sustainability;
5. Which strategies could accelerate the transition to Sustainable Mobility
6. How is the player Ecosystem evolving: Leaders vs. Followers
7. Which markets present the strongest potential to build leading Circularity Hubs


Auto2x assesses that this new generation of vehicles could accelerate the roadmaps to carbon neutrality and sustainability, amid the ripple effects of the worsening economic outlook. This is attributed to a series of Circular processes embedded in their production, lifetime use and end-of-life.

Circular Autos can tackle the need for their energy decarbonization, materials’ circularity and optimization of the vehicle utilization and lifetime by combining a number of processes.

– Optimized designed tailored to the mobility application, e.g. BYD’s D1 purpose-made vehicle for ride-hailing, or KAUST’s AI framework for the optimization of fuel design;
– Production with renewable and carbon-neutral resources, e.g. green steel and aluminum;
– Fitment of zero-emission powertrains, mainly 100% electric or hydrogen fuel cells, such as in the Tesla Model 3 and BMW i4 which top electric efficiency ratings according to reports;
– Optimized EV charging from renewable resources leveraging blockchain and digital identities, such as BMW’s digital passport for EV charging with renewable resources;
– Advanced electric architectures and connectivity to remain always up to date, such as Hyundai’s E-GMP which combines a multi-charging system, large-capacity battery system, and flexible use of space;
– Recyclability for second-life of battery and other components, e.g. Posh Robotics’ battery recycling processes leveraging computer vision.


Circularity and sustainability are becoming core parts of the strategic direction of carmakers and automotive suppliers due to emission regulations and climate policies, competition and changing consumer needs. Many passenger car brands are already fully-electric, such as Tesla. Still, their shift to climate neutrality is underway, with Tesla not making a commitment yet while Polestar has set 2040 as the goal.

The VW Group is targeting net carbon neutrality by 2050 with a combination of strategies that include a fully-electric car mix, off-setting unavoidable emissions and many more. The VW Group expects its BEV mix to account for 20-25% of sales by 2025, amounting to 2-3 million units, of which VW will amount to circa 1 million.

The latest update of Renault Group’s Renaulution plan will include creating a 360° circular economy company from the closed loop in materials to battery recycling, called “The Future Is NEUTRAL”, an industry-first, according to the French carmaker. “Renault Group intends to position itself faster and stronger than competition on the new automotive value chains: EV, software, new mobility and circular economy.” Luca de Meo, CEO

BMW aims at a 1/3 CO2 reduction across its value chain by 2030. The Group wants to become climate-neutral by 2050. Polestar and Volvo have set 2040 as their net-zero commitment target. Hyundai and KIA have set 2045. Ford, VW, Mazda, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Isuzu have set 2050.

Regulations are the biggest driver of transformation to Circular Autos. CO2 fleet compliance and targets for PHEV/BEV sales are increasing the cost of compliance of Internal Combustion Engines and driving the introduction of PHEVs and BEVs. The lack of regulatory harmonization, the absence of global cooperation to develop common standards, and consumer awareness are roadblocks to overcome.


1) Key findings
The opportunity for economic growth and customer value by embracing Circularity
The countdown to zero emissions, zero waste and better utilization
Trends in investment in technological enablers
Top Strategies to accelerate automotive sustainability and new opportunities
Innovative business models and the companies behind them

2) The real impact of key regulations, policies and homologation for Sustainable Vehicles
China’s role in the adoption of circular mobility
USA policy
European Green Deal and “Fit for 55”
Mandates for emission reduction: ICE phase-out and powertrain electrification
Regulations for sustainability and recycling of electric vehicle batteries
Homologation and Type approval
The role of ESG ratings for automotive players
Automotive markets leading circularity and who is falling behind

3) Technological enablers and the pace of innovation for Circular Autos
Technological solutions to key challenges
Overview of key academic research and scientific publications
Trends in Patent filings across players and markets

4) Industry viewpoint: Expert opinion

5) Strategies to accelerate the transition to Sustainable Mobility
De-fossilization of vehicle production and zero emissions
Development of supporting infrastructure
The role of new architectures and platform consolidation
Sustainable materials
Leveraging exponential technologies
Secure and transparent supply chain and procurement
Optimization of utilization: e-MaaS. Autonomous vehicles and multi-modal transport
Vehicle lifecycle: re-use, recycling, re-purposing
Circularity hubs

6) Benchmarking of the player Ecosystem: Leaders vs. Followers
Carmaker ranking on Sustainability
The transformation of automotive Suppliers and new entrants
Emerging Start-ups
Recommendations for the transformation of the Automotive Industry


– R&D
– Innovation
– Regulators, Homologation
– Academics and researchers
– Strategy
– Market Intelligence
– Procurement
– Investment professionals

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Brazil’s Token Wibx Emerges as a Reward Utility Token

SãO JOSé DOS CAMPOS, SãO PAULO, February 4, 2023 / — In the latest development of utility tokens, Brazils’ token wibx emerges as a reward utility token. The token already supports a user base of more than half a million people. The company aims to decentralize the power of digital marketing by advocating that each person can be a media asset, capable of impacting people around them with even more authority than big influencers.

The concept of “nano-influencer” was born, which today is one of the central themes of web 3.0, in addition to the production, exhibition, and management decentralization of online content.

As soon as the company understood the great possible impact of nano-influencers in an increasingly decentralized market, it created a platform in which any person can accumulate tokens and generate extra income only from sharing sponsored content and developing traffic, registrations, and even sales for big companies around the country. This business model was responsible for establishing Wibx as a highly relevant project, especially in a country where more than 60 million people live with less than 100 dollars per month.

In addition, the nano-influencer platform has several applications in different markets, opening a range of possibilities for introducing Wibx tokens in the game, music, and immersive technology industries. As, for instance, their new project, a virtual shopping mall in a fully interactive and functional metaverse environment in which platform’s customers will be able to use their tokens to purchase products from great companies around the world.

In a country where more than 50 million people are unbanked, offering an application that facilitates revenue generation and allows purchases and payments without the need for a bank or card issuer as intermediaries had extreme importance for the currency’s success and adoption. And, because of that, in 2020, the company focused most of its efforts on the integration of the token technology directly into ERP systems, being the first company in the crypto market to achieve this feat and, in the following year, establishing Wibx as the most accepted token in Brazil, today integrated into supermarket chains and extremely relevant stores in the city of Brazil. The company also presented results for companies and brands, by reducing the cost of marketing metrics , such as Customer acquisition cost (CAC), and Traffic costs in branded content sharing.

Wibx token was first listed in 2020 on the country’s large crypto exchange, Mercado Bitcoin. Two years later, the company ended 2022 with over $340 million traded on the token.

After its first listing, Wibx has remained at the top of the list of most traded tokens in Brazil. The company understands that, despite the relevance of the Brazilian crypto market, the project’s expansion is significant for the company and the token.

Furthermore, the company is preparing to internationalize the Wibx platform in 2023, starting with other countries in South America, like Argentina and Colombia, and then expanding to Europe and North America.

As a result of this initial go to market, the company presented results not only for its users, but also for more than 100 companies, enabling an average reduction of 40% in CAC and 600% in traffic
costs and branded content sharing .

About Wibx:

Wibx is a reward utility token launched in 2019 by Wiboo Company, founded by a team of Brazilians in 2015 . The company’s mission has been to decentralize the power of digital marketing by advocating that each person can be a media asset, capable of impacting people around them with even more authority than big influencers.

Another equally ambitious project takes place with Wibx in the recording industry through a Whitelabel platform for record labels, where artists offer exclusive rewards and experiences to their fans in exchange for engagement. Finally, within the games, metaverse and e-sports market, Wibx has not only developed its applications but also strengthened its relationships with big companies in the market and great e-sports teams, aiming to convert the token into a highly relevant currency in the game sector, and also in the metaverse, with its virtual mall and other ongoing projects.

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Plano Health Insurance Affordability Could Spark Historic Inflation If Current Administration Can’t Control It

Plano Health Insurance

Health Insurance Plano

Plano Health Insurance Agent

Group Health Insurance Plano

Affordable Health Insurance Plano TX

A Plano health insurance agent, says the recent federal subsidies are warning that supply chain bottlenecks and rising wages will drive up prices…

PLANO, TEXAS, USA, February 4, 2023 / — Health insurance in Plano continues to offer relief for millions of Americans who have signed up or are in the process of shopping and enrolling as part of the 2023 Affordable Care Act enrollment period, which began on November 1. But a growing contingent of economists, healthcare industry experts, and business leaders are joining forces to warn that the wage, revenue, and supply chain pressures that impacted hospital and clinic margins during the pandemic will eventually send out-of-pocket medical bills and healthcare coverage in general through the roof. And the impact of what that does to the economy and Americans nationwide may be too much to overcome.

More information can be found at:

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas estimated last month that the rate of healthcare inflation will almost surely double between mid-2022 and mid-2023 as “insurance starts to factor in surging labor costs for hospitals and health networks. Many people, including those with industry knowledge and insurers who work with families for affordable health insurance in Plano have seen this coming for years but are now speaking up in unison to make the current administration aware of what could likely happen. Along with rising costs for consumers, a significant enough spike in cost would represent a major challenge to President Biden’s post-midterm agenda. The president is already dealing with economic challenges and ongoing policy battles with red-colored state legislators that don’t appear to be dissipating anytime soon.

Rick Thornton, a Plano health insurance agent, said the nation’s highest office doesn’t appear to be concerned about what could happen down the road, especially after taking what they call “meaningful steps” to address the problem with the Inflation Reduction Act signed into Law back in August.

Insurance4Dallas, (I4D), helps insure all of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, Louisiana, New Mexico, Alabama, Virginia and Florida. Insurance4Dallas provides consumers with detailed information on health insurance with the ability to purchase health insurance online. Insurance4Dallas provides a full spectrum of health, dental, vision, life and ancillary insurance products, providing a diverse selection of price and benefit options complemented by personal customer service. Available via phone, email or fax, Insurance4Dallas answers consumer questions throughout the purchasing process and during the utilization of its health insurance policies.

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LBANK acquires a building in Crypto Valley, MTVT getting listed on LBANK

LBANK’s Office inside Metaverser

SINGAPORE, February 4, 2023 / — Singapore, Metaverser, the cutting-edge virtual reality platform, is proud to announce that it will be listed on LBANK, one of the leading digital asset exchanges in the world. The listing will enable Metaverser users to easily trade their MTVT tokens and access a wider range of trading pairs.

The news of the LBANK listing and the potential for the MTVT token to reach new all-time highs is expected to drive demand for the token and increase its value as it has already hit 30% gain in less than four days. The team behind Metaverser is confident that this listing will open up new opportunities for the platform and its users, providing increased liquidity and accessibility to the token.

“We are thrilled to be listed on LBANK and are honored by their trust in Metaverser by acquiring a building inside our Crypto Valley. This is a significant step forward for Metaverser and we are excited to see the positive impact it will have on the value of the MTVT token,” said Anoush Ohadi, CTO and Founder of Metaverser.

The Metaverser platform offers users a fully immersive and interactive virtual reality experience, with a wide range of use cases including gaming, education, and social interaction. The platform’s native token, MTVT, is used for in-game purchases, access to premium features, and as a form of currency for transactions within the Metaverser ecosystem. To take it to the next level, LBANK has taken a step further by acquiring a building inside Metaverser’s Crypto Valley, which will serve as a hub for Metaverser users to interact and trade in a virtual environment.

Users can deposit MTVT tokens to LBANK and start trading on the platform on Feb 7th, 2023. The team behind Metaverser will continue to work on expanding the platform’s reach and increasing the utility of the MTVT token.

About Metaverser
Metaverser is a virtual reality platform that offers a fully immersive and interactive experience for its users. With a wide range of use cases, including gaming, education, and social interaction, the platform is at the forefront of virtual reality technology. The Metaverser ecosystem is powered by the MTVT token, which is used for in-game purchases, access to premium features, and as a form of currency for transactions within the platform.

LBANK is a digital asset exchange that provides a secure and reliable platform for trading a wide range of digital assets. With a focus on customer service and user experience, LBANK is one of the most popular digital asset exchanges in the world.

Anoush Ohadi

Michael McDevitt, founder of Tandem Legal Group, Launched Transition-to-Business Mentorship Program for US Navy Seals

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES , February 4, 2023 / — This program will provide expert legal services and strategic business advice to help innovative, emerging businesses develop.

Michael McDevitt, a well-known family man, and entrepreneur discovered his next significant professional achievement in 2012 when he founded Tandem Legal Group. Tandem touts its unique catchphrase, “BIKE: Be yourself, Innovate, Kindness, and Engagement,” and promises an “anti-law firm atmosphere.”

Tandem Legal Group has never been reluctant to take risks, which is how Michael McDevitt and his investment relationships began. This was a company with unique products but needed direction at the time. When the salad dressing became an instant hit, the founders of the family-owned condiment firm realized they needed assistance navigating the grocery industry. At the group’s core, there was a focus of individuals who desired to prosper, grow, and expand into a larger corporation but lacked a strategic investment partner. Tandem Legal Group recognized the potential for success and provided its services in the form of a professional partnership to steer the firm.

Recognizing the significance of this opportunity, the company gratefully accepted. Once the legal agreements were finalized, Tandem Legal Group began bringing this product to the required production level and guiding the team of young company professionals. Michael McDevitt became unstoppable as soon as it joined the competitive market of branding salad dressings with clean ingredients.

Michael McDevitt understands that soldiers face several challenges when transitioning from military to civilian life since they go through intense mental and physical training. As a result, he runs a program to mentor individuals and guide them through their attempts to start their own businesses and push them in the right direction. He evaluates the protégé’s requirements and helps create appropriate next steps by drawing on the most accurate information from relationships and resources that have already been developed.

He is very passionate about encouraging young people from similar situations to realize what it is that they can do despite the limitations that society has put on them due to the ethnicity or area in which they were born. On speaking to the media, Michael said, “I believe everyone is aware of their path and mission in life, and they just need to be pointed in the right direction.” He further added, “Helping businesses and entrepreneurs is my way of giving back to the military.”

To know more about Michael, please connect with him on LinkedIn.

About Michael McDevitt:

He began his career in private equity to gain an understanding of how firms functioned. Because he wanted to learn how to apply this information in the real world, he transitioned to consumer products business management. He founded Terra’s Kitchen to establish a business that would enable him to reproduce the family dinners he enjoyed as a child with his own family. He founded a law and consulting firm so that he could use my knowledge in fast-expanding enterprises to assist others in experiencing expansion. Before founding and heading Tandem, Michael was the CEO of Medifast, Inc., where he was instrumental in guiding the firm to profitability for forty-six consecutive quarters. Previously to joining Medifast, Michael worked as a Senior Analyst for the New York City-based private equity firm Blackstone Group.

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Ed Moldaver’s Wealth Creation Myth achieves “BEST $ELLER status

Ed Moldaver’s Wealth Creation Myth a Best Seller—Feb 2023.

Ed Moldaver—Best Seller—Nasdaq Times Square

Edward Moldaver at the New York Stock Exchange Opening Bell

E&R Publishers, New York Announce that The Wealth Creation Myth entered the number 1 position on Amazon this week in financial services

This book embodies the insights from one of the most successful wealth managers. An astute reader can compile the ultimate checklist from this book that will help them ferret out the best of the best.”

— Michael Sonnenfeldt Founder and Chairman of TIGER 21

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2023 / — The Wealth Creation Myth, what they know, and you don’t, has been outselling legendary titles from Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, Stephen Covey, and other leaders in their fields and has now achieved the number 1 best seller rank on Amazon.

The book, which was officially released in October last year and launched with the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange is now available in multiple formats including audiobook, hardcover, paperback, and Ebook. The Wealth Creation Myth has been engaging readers with Ed’s no-nonsense talk and pristine clarity as to how the business of investing really works at the top and at the bottom.

The ninety and growing 5-star reviews helped assure potential buyers were investing wisely and the reader satisfaction tells the true story of Ed’s powerful book on meaningful wealth creation and preservation.

“This book embodies the insights from one of the most successful wealth managers. An astute reader can compile the ultimate checklist from this book that will help them ferret out the best of the best. Ed’s experience and his willingness to share those insights are what make this book a must-read for anyone thinking seriously about creating and preserving wealth.”
—Michael Sonnenfeldt Founder and Chairman of TIGER 21

“Ed approaches every single stage of financial planning thoughtfully and with the utmost attention to detail. I regularly read books on financial planning and investing. Most of them are interchangeable and indistinguishable from one another. The Wealth Creation Myth starts where the vast majority of finance books leave off.”
—Ryan Barton Henderson ESQ

Ed Moldaver has done the impossible in the Wealth Creation Myth. He has broken down complex investment and financial concepts into bite size pieces of information that are easily understandable to the layperson.”
— Andrew Getzin, MD, Head Team Physician USA Triathlon

E&R Publishers CEO, Simon Mills notes, “It is no wonder that this extraordinary book has become a best seller because it uses the principles that built a Ukrainian immigrant—who arrived with nothing—into one of the great leaders in wealth management.”

The book explores the wealth creation and preservation landscape in a way that no other book has. Ed’s multi-decade career provides the foundation to understand the three basic pillars of the wealth management industry, what works, what doesn’t, and why. Ed is consistently one of the highest-ranked advisors in the United States.

“There is only one Ed Moldaver, but you’d think there were 10 of him with the results he continually delivers to his clients, including me.”
— Governor David A. Paterson—55th governor of the state of New York

The author uses a framework he calls The Fluff, The Bark, and The Bite to demonstrate how to categorize the wealth management industry’s many advisors and the way they approach the market. Evidently, “The Bite” is Ed’s method; activities that move the needle in wealth creation and preservation for his clients.
Ed and his team are housed at one of the most storied offices of the century with over $100B under management.

The Wealth Creation Myth by Edward Moldaver. What they know, and you don’t—A must-read if financial stability is at all important to you.

Excerpts from The Wealth Creation Myth.

From the prologue:
Why did I write this book? Because I am a beneficiary of the greatest capitalist system on earth. It’s called the United States of America. I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in the Soviet Union under socialism. We were taught as kids that our heroes were Joseph Stalin, Leonid Brezhnev, Vladimir Lenin, and the like. Other than mostly misery, death, and destruction, that system produced very little for the world or the people in it.
I have read many books on how the markets should work. These are the type of books that you will find on college campuses. I’ve also buried my head in many books by brilliant investors such as Warren Buffet, Ben Graham, Mario Gabelli, Peter Lynch, James O’Shaughnessy, and the like, but another profound influence in the writing of this book, and the straight- forward manner in which it is written, was Tiger 21. The organization was founded in 1999 by an entrepreneur seeking objective advice regarding the management of his wealth following a major liquidity event. Michael W. Sonnenfeldt started Tiger 21 with a single Group of six entrepreneurs in New York City who had all just sold their businesses and felt challenged as to how to wisely preserve their wealth. Tiger 21 is a peer-learning group network for ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

From the Introduction:
I will remember the day for as long as I live. A terrifying time, really— the devastating crash of my then company, Bear Stearns, during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. It was March 10, and Elliot Spitzer was revealed as “Client #9” in a prostitution scandal, forcing him to resign as governor, and Lieutenant Governor David A. Paterson was about to be thrust into the spotlight. David told me many years later about that moment when he realized his life was about to change forever, but back then, I didn’t even know the man’s name less have an inkling that he would become a dear friend and business partner a decade later.

From Chapter 1—Fluffers, Barkers, and Biters:
You might be surprised that the difference between the so-called 1% and the 99% might be more a matter of who advises them than what they know on their own. In good times, people feel certain about the markets. It is just that some people think things will certainly be good forever, and others think things will certainly be bad soon! They tend to act illogically, either way.

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Open Pay Card : A New Experience for Worldwide VCC Users

To reduce the online payment processing complexity and ensure anonymity in online payments, Open Pay Card has been launched in the Q4 of 2022.

PORT BYRON, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2023 / — has introduced Open Pay Card as a new virtual credit card that allows users to enjoy freedom, anonymity, and flexibility while paying online. After thorough research on the common problems VCC users face while paying online, this new VCC has been announced to eradicate or minimize as many problems as possible. The Open Pay Card team is excited and hopeful about the card as it has already gained a lot of regular users.

As a part of reducing the hassles of online payments, this VCC has been made available in almost all the countries of the world. Also, most online platforms accept it as a payment method. So, the users can pay to any online platform without the hassle of being rejected.

This card has reduced the complexity of crypto users by accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method. Several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether can be used to buy Open Pay Card VCCs.

Also, Open Pay Card allows users to refund the card balance to their account when the expiry date is close. This helps regular VCC users save a load of bucks.

Unlike most other VCC services, Open Pay Card doesn’t make the users wait for a long time. It has a dedicated support team available through Support Chat, Telegram, Messenger, Skype, and E-mail. The other benefits this card offers are anonymity, security, easy tracking through a dashboard, instant delivery, merchant refund, etc.

The team is working hard on adding more beneficial features to the service to ensure the smoothest online payment experience. Stay tuned with for more updates.

“We’re very excited to introduce this awesome card to the market. Still, we’re keeping our feet on the ground because this is only the start. We need to work relentlessly to make it more and more affordable and usable to all,”- the founder said.

The Open Pay Card team consists of several brilliant minds from around the world. This is only the beginning. We’re looking to introduce more products in the market to make things easier and smoother for all.

Keep in Touch
Open Pay Card Communication and Support Team

David Jose
Open Pay Card LTD

Recording Artist ALIWOOD Released His Motivational Single ‘Time To Be Great’

ALIWOOD is a recording artist who focuses on creating inspiring music

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2023 / — “Time To Be Great,” is ALIWOOD’s most recent release. The song, which also comes with an award-winning matching music video, directed, produced, and edited by himself, combines motivational lyrics with a one-of-a-kind sound that tips the hat off to the most empowering modern hip-hop sounds but with a classic blend that also tips the hat off to the greats of the genre. Still, ALIWOOD retains his unique personal sound, and he stands out as one of the most promising artists to watch in 2023! His visual for his latest single is truly an outstanding, cinematic work of art. “Time To Be Great” is a must-watch for all music lovers.

ALIWOOD is an entrepreneur and artist who stands out from the average hip-hop performer. Unlike many rap artists, ALIWOOD is all about inspiring people.

His lyrical flow is notable due to the motivational and open-ended nature of his lyrics, and it sets the bar higher in terms of giving the audience a truly genuine experience and a healthy dose of extra motivation to live their best lives and unlock their full potential.

Watch the official video of ‘ALIWOOD – Time To Be Great’ on YouTube:

ALIWOOD is currently booking limited interviews & guest appearances. If interested, email:

For more details visit:

RHC Productions

The IPO News website and App on Google Playstore have just added an IPO calendar

IPO News for Android.

The state of the IPO market has not been great over the past year, however, a few companies listed and did very well. IPO News reports on all upcoming IPOs.

RATHCOOLE, DUBLIN, IRELAND, February 4, 2023 / — If lately, one has trailed through the Google news feed looking for some information on upcoming IPOs, one may have come across a new website that specializes in reporting on private equities and IPOs.

IPO News reports all the major upcoming IPOs, discusses the successes and failures of past IPOs and has an IPO calendar that tracks initial public offerings from all over the world up to 3 weeks before they list.

Tracking upcoming IPOs easily has been something that has always been coveted by many interested in new issues, now you can access the calendar on your phone.

This exclusive website, report exclusively on upcoming IPOs, private equities and start-ups. The app for the iPhone is coming in March, and they are also introducing an IPO brochures page. In addition, they also report on broader topics, such as the health of the IPO markets and past IPO performances.

To download the IPO News app visit Google Playstore or

David Jefferies
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