Buying a bike doesn’t mean going broke with alternative auto loan options

Buying a bike doesn’t mean going broke with alternative auto loan options.

We’ve been working on for the last two years to build a platform that allows people to get the bike that they could only dream about. Now anyone can get the bike of their dreams.”

— Adriano Marques

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2022 / — If the world is beautiful while traveling in a car, imagine the stunning views on a motorcycle. Embracing the outdoors is one of the best parts about owning a bike. In today’s economy, though, motorcycle prices are pretty high. Demand for motorcycles is up because people are going out, exploring, and enjoying the rediscovery of social freedom.

Now, there’s an entirely new way to finance motorcycles. lets members save to take a loan for the bike they want to buy. Since members save money and store it in a common fund, savings is the currency at Avoiding the bank for bike and car loans means better rates, less hassle and more money for members.

When people buy a bike, enjoying it ought to be the best part. With the current state financial landscape, many people end up finding themselves in debt after signing a bike or car loan. Auto loan debt has reached a record of $1.43 trillion, according to Experian. A new motorcycle can’t be savored while debt is looming.

Rushing to sign a car loan to get a vehicle immediately usually results in about $650 monthly payment. This is a couple of hundred dollars more than the standard-level club options at Rushing to borrow from the bank is a thing of the past. is finally making it possible for everyone to own a bike with a new kind of vehicle loan alternative. Starting to save now gives new members time to save so that a new bike can be theirs to own when Spring comes around.

Finally, almost a century later, buying a bike or car is simple and beneficial to the buyer. Instead of offering discriminatory and predatory loans, makes sure that loans, cars and bikes are accessible to everyone. With a vehicle loan alternative like, a new bike is only a few months away for eager buyers.

About is smart funding for smart people. With planning and patience, anyone can get the car they want. The company gives members all the tools they need to buy a car without taking a hefty loan from the bank. Using a common fund for member purchases keeps the power and the cash in the hands of the people.

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