Biokript: The world’s first Hybrid Shariah-compliant Crypto Exchange delivers secure, non-custodial trading experience

Biokript: The world’s first Hybrid Shariah-compliant Crypto Exchange Delivers High-Performance Crypto Trading From Secure Self-Custody

#Not your keys, not your crypto!”

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GLENDALE, ARIZONA, USA, December 13, 2022 / — The world’s first Hybrid Shariah-compliant Crypto Exchange Biokript Delivers High-Performance Crypto Trading From Secure Self-Custody

â—� A new cryptocurrency exchange that combines user security and control provided by a non-custodial DEX with the performance benefits of a CEX.
â—� Biokript satisfies new investor demand for complete transparency while also benefiting from the company’s shariah compliance and profit-sharing features.
â—� Biokript is blockchain-based platform where users are in full control of their own funds in a safe and secure decentralized manner while they have the ability to execute high-frequency trades with centralized efficiency.

Biokript announces the launch of a new hybrid shariah compliant crypto exchange that provides advanced trading and full transparency.

The launch coincides with recent events that have shaken investor confidence and has drawn focus to the significant security and efficiency trade-offs that investors must acknowledge when deciding to trade on centralized or decentralized crypto exchanges. Investors are required to transfer their money to an exchange-managed wallet, which is susceptible to fraud or hacking, even though centralized exchanges typically offer higher liquidity and tighter spreads.

“Biokript’s new hybrid approach eliminates this trade-off and provides investors with the best of both the centralized and decentralized worlds,â€� said Adnan Alisic, CEO and founder of Biokript. “We are thrilled that Yellow Network and its Layer 3 architecture are playing such an important role in the development of this game-changing new platform.â€�

Biokript complies with Sharia law. Other exchanges provide investors with interest in the form of APR/APY on their cryptocurrency, which is prohibited in Islam. Only properly vetted crypto assets will be listed on the exchange. Tokens associated with Islamically unlawful practices will not be accepted.

Other Biokript user-benefits include profit sharing executed through a Binance smart chain contract, where everyone holding BKRP tokens will receive a 50/50 split of the company’s revenue in proportion to how many BKRP tokens are held. Those holding BKRP tokens will also benefit from features such as steep trading discounts.

Biokript was created by a group of professionals with industry experience and passion for cryptocurrency. The exchange is set to launch next year, with a presale starting on January 21, 2023.

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