Bantec, Inc., (OTC: BANT)

Public Drone Firm with Diversified Businesses Completes Sale to NJ Police; BANT has Sanitizing Products that Counter Covid-19; Recent Sale to Ivy League University: Bantec, Inc., (Stock Symbol: BANT)

  • Serving Government, Institutions and Businesses with Products and Services to be Safer and More Productive.
  • Sanitizing Division Offers Solutions to Combat Covid and Other Threats.
  • Order to Supply Thermal Drone to a Northern New Jersey Police Dept.
  • Sanitizing Products Sale Recently Completed to Ivy League University.
  • Licensing Initiative to Drone Patent Improvement Holders.
  • Drone Delivery Licensing Arrangements Being Pursued with Multiple Entities including 6 Fortune 100 Companies.
  • Bidding on Industrial Flooring Projects to Complement Sanitizing Role.

Bantec, Inc., (OTC: BANT) a product and services company, through its subsidiaries and divisions, sells to facility managers, engineers, maintenance managers, purchasing managers and contract officers who work for hospitals, universities, manufacturers, commercial businesses, local and state governments, and the US government. BANT intends to grow different business lines, including using the franchise model, that support the customers described above. 

BANT subsidiary Bantec Sanitizing provides a variety of products and services to help facility managers, safety professionals, and maintenance personnel combat a multitude of airborne and surface hazards.  On February 3rd, 2021, BANT announced that it will offer Bantec Sanitizing (Exposure Response Mobile Service) as a Franchise. Future Bantec Sanitizing franchisees will offer BANT Sanitizing supplies, robots, UV lights and deep cleaning services. For more information visit the dedicated BANT sanitizing products store website at

BANT subsidiary Howco Distributing was established in 1990 with the mission of being a leading and respected provider of construction, transportation, mining, and heavy equipment spare and replacement parts to customers worldwide. Howco’s services encompass bid solicitation, contract management, packaging, and logistics for construction, transportation, mining and heavy equipment spare and replacement parts to customers worldwide utilizing a wide variety of supply chain solutions.

BANT subsidiary Drone USA sources, markets and sells ultra high-performance and fun small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Consumer friendly with easy-to-use apps and flight controllers, they are compact for travel most anywhere. BANT employs cutting-edge technologies such as visual-inertial odometry navigation for greater accuracy in “follow me” tracking and obstacle avoidance along a flight path.

BANT Receives Purchase Order to Supply Thermal Drone to a Northern New Jersey Police Department

On January 18th BANT announced that its subsidiary Drone USA received a purchase order to supply a New Jersey Police Department with thermal imaging drone.

Michael Bannon, BANT Chairman and CEO stated: “We envision drones becoming an integral law enforcement tool. This drone, tailored specifically for police departments, is equipped with a loudspeaker, beacon and spotlight.  It has a five-mile range and an 8X zoom thermal camara. It takes a police officer less than a minute to launch this drone. The thermal camera allows police to track fleeing suspects at night, monitor large crowds, and with the appropriate software, reconstruct accidents.”  We expect this sale to be the first of many to police departments in New Jersey and across the country.   

BANT subsidiary Drone USA offers full-service drone consulting, from helping customers purchase the right UAVs and accessories, to getting trained, practiced, and licensed. Whether for a private security team, police force, or government department, the huge BANT selection of drone technology and training programs will ensure that buyers fly smarter, safer, and with the precision of seasoned drone pilots. For more info visit: Drone USA:


BANT through Bantec Sanitizing, Sold Training, Equipment and Covid Sterilizing Products to an Ivy League University

On December 7th BANT through its subsidiary Bantec Sanitizing, sold Training and Covid Sterilizing Products to an Ivy League University.

Michael Bannon, BANT Chairman and CEO, stated: “The University made the decision to coat exterior windows with Pureti in order to efficiently clean and sanitize the glass surfaces.  Pureti improves human health by reversing pollution inside and out. In addition, it conserves resources by reducing water and chemical use, improving appearance and customer experience, and reducing maintenance costs.  We provided the University the equipment, products and the training needed to apply Pureti and EnviroPro.  EnviroPro, a LEED product, hydrogen peroxide based, multipurpose germicidal, fungicidal and virucidal disinfectant, sanitizes hard, non-porous, inanimate surfaces. We intend to generate 2022 revenue by offering this suite of services to other colleges and universities.”


BANT Expands Licensing Initiative by Identifying and Contacting 10+ Patent Improvement Holders Regarding Licensing Agreements for Patent 10,147,067 (Drone Operated Package Delivery Receptacle)

On November 10th BANT announced the company is expanding its patent licensing initiative. 

Michael Bannon, BANT Chairman and CEO stated: “Bantec’s continuing research into revenue streams related to its Drone Delivery Receptacle patent has identified another exciting path to potential 2022 income; licensing opportunities directed towards Improvement Patent holders. An improvement patent is one which adds to the technology of a basic patent. We have identified 10+ well-funded Improvement Patent holders and we will be contacting these companies and their investors with an eye towards licensing our patent to them. We believe that these Improvement Patent holders will be quite receptive since we hold the basic patent and, in many instances, the Improvement Patent cannot be used without infringing on the basic patent”. 


BANT Pursues Licensing Arrangements for Patent 10,147,067 Drone Operated Package Delivery Receptacle with 19 Entities of Which 6 are Fortune 100 Companies

On October 26th BANT announced it is pursuing licensing arrangements for Patent 10,147,067 with 19 Entities of which 6 are Fortune 100 companies.  

Michael Bannon, BANT Chairman and CEO stated, “We have completed our research with respect to potential licensing candidates for our drone delivery patent.  We identified 19 entities which we believe are ideal candidates for licensing arrangements. This list includes 6 Fortune 100 companies. I will be forwarding this research to our patent attorney, and he will begin contacting these prospects with an eye towards creating the licensing revenue we planned for in the 1st quarter of 2022”.

The Delivery Drones Market reached the USD 2 billion mark in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 5.6 billion by 2026 according to a Mordor Intelligence report. The shift to contactless delivery due to COVID-19 has significantly sped up the delivery drone market movement.


BANT Overall Company Shareholder Update

On June 8th BANT issued the following shareholders update of the full scope of company operations and plans for the future.     

Howco Distributing Co.

During the six months of 2021, Howco posted a $ 102,000 operating profit. This time last year, Howco posted an $ 85,000 operating loss. BANT management is pleased with Howco’s six-month performance. Recently, Matt Wiles, Howco’s General Manger, resigned.  BANT views Matt’s departure as opportunity to cut costs at Howco. Presently, two very capable managers run Howco. One runs the estimating and procurement department the other runs the logistics side of the business. Both are long term employees, and both have proven their worth time after time. Along these lines, BANT may separate Howco into two distinct businesses: Howco and Bantec Logistics. The latter should be a Franchisable entity.


Drone USA

At Drone USA, BANT is considering making Drone USA a franchise. A Drone USA franchisee would sell drones, drone accessories, robots, training, certificates of authorization and waivers. As the drone delivery package market grows, BANT Drone USA franchisees could add drone package delivery services to their repertoire.

Bantec Sanitizing Mobile Franchise

Both the Bantec Sanitizing Business Plan and Franchise Disclosure Document are complete. BANT can sell in New Jersey which is a franchise non-filing state. Covid forever changed the way we look at cleaning; it is no longer “my desk is clean, or the carpet vacuumed” now it can be a matter of life or death. Bantec Sanitizing embeds science in the BANT cleaning process. The science will protect customers. BANT takes this seriously. Customers’ health and possibly their lives depend on it.


Bantec Flooring

Currently, BANT is bidding on industrial flooring projects. Flooring ties in nicely with sanitizing. Most flooring products are porous and allow microbes to settle in and make the floors difficult to sanitize. Some of the products BANT offers are not porous and make sanitizing more effective. This will probably be the next BANT franchise.


Intellectual Property Portfolio

BANT intends to expand its intellectual property portfolio. Recently BANT acquired “a drone operated delivery receptacle receiving packages” patent. The patent designed gates “are configured to open when a delivery drone is detected by a control unit of the delivery receptacle”. This patent constitutes one step on the BANT path towards the drone delivery market that we know will be big. In addition, we acquired dozens of domain names and initiated work on important trademarks.



The BANT difference that matters consists of establishing lifelong customer and supplier friendships, responding immediately to customers needs, and providing products and services through a highly organized, technically trained, motivated and incentivized workforce. Each new initiative will complement and add value to existing BANT businesses by providing a difference that matters to existing and newly acquired customers.

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