American International Holdings Corp. (AMIH)

Remote Healthcare, Career and Life Coaching with 24/7 Access to Board Certified Physicians and Licensed Mental Health Professionals: American International Holdings Corp. (OTCQB: AMIH)

  • On-Line Medical Platform for Patients Across the US in English or Spanish.
  • TeleHealth Model Addressing 82 Million Americans Lacking Primary Care.
  • Milestone Management Services Engaged as Strategic Advisory.
  • Monthly Subscription Service Without Any Requirement for Insurance or CoPays.
  • LifeGuru Coaching Platform Launched with Industry Veteran Jane Sorrell.  
  • Original “Shark Tank” Investor Kevin Harrington Joins Advisory Board.
  • Planned Uplisting to a National Exchange.

American International Holdings Corp. (OTCQB: AMIH) is a diversified holding company dedicated to (a) acquiring, managing and operating health, wellness, infrastructure and technology companies, businesses and/or brands located both in the United States and abroad; (b) operating and managing an online platform providing customers with access to life and career coaches through LifeGuru, Inc. (; and (c) operating and managing an online telemedicine platform connecting customers to board certified physicians and licensed mental and behavioral health counselors through ZipDoctor, Inc. (

AMIH seeks opportunities to acquire and grow businesses that possess strong brand values and that can generate long-term sustainable free cash flow and attractive returns in order to maximize value for the Company and its stakeholders.

AMIH’s Widespread Holdings

  • Milestone Management Services Engaged as Strategic Advisory

On June 29th AMIH announced it has engaged Milestone Management Services to act as a strategic advisor and to assist with the company’s corporate communications and investor awareness campaign.

“I am very impressed with the AMIH portfolio, which encompasses telemedicine, a virtual mental health platform, subscriber based primary care, preventative care solutions, and wellness related assets”, comments Jon Olson, CEO with Milestone Management Services. “It’s an honor to work with an OTCQB listed company like American International Holdings that is fully SEC reporting, fully audited, and focused on continuing to create shareholder value,” further comments Mr. Olson.

  • CEO Issues Letter to Shareholders

On May 11th AMIH issued a Letter to Shareholders from its Chief Executive Officer, Jacob Cohen which included the following highlights:

Mr. Cohen’s background comprises 20 years of investment banking and capital markets experience, having successfully started and built multiple companies in sectors including marketing, advertising, healthcare, IT and financial services. Prior to joining AMIH he was the co-founder and managing partner of a Dallas-based boutique investment bank and strategic advisory firm.

Mr. Cohen’s objective for AMIH is to build a portfolio of synergistic businesses addressing the huge unmet needs in healthcare and to bring positive change to the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who lack affordable healthcare.

AMIH: 2021 Pivot
With a lifelong passion for wellness Mr. Cohen joined AMIH two years ago to focus on the establishment and development of a nationwide medical spa company in a fragmented and growing industry. Following months of deal making and a strong start, AMIH also acquired a retail supplement store and established a construction company, Capital City Solutions USA, Inc. (CCS), to renovate our and other properties during the 2019 economic boom.

In response to the Covid crisis, AMIH has moved to pivot the Company’s business to invest, develop and manage primarily digitally based healthcare and wellness companies. AMIH 2020 key takeaways and findings were: (a) the healthcare system is not only broken, but also fragile, (b) the need to be truly healthy in body and mind was underscored as a necessity, instead of a luxury, and (c) chronic disease management and prevention is the primary reason the $4.2 trillion US healthcare economy is projected to double over the next decade.

The AMIH plan was confirmed by exhaustive research and with its first two wellness platform portfolio companies, ZipDoctor and LifeGuru. Starting with ZipDoctor, AMIH quickly launched a capital efficient, digitally based platform for affordably connecting people and small businesses with healthcare practitioners. There, AMIH dipped its figurative toe in the $194-billion-dollar telemedicine industry.

Similarly, LifeGuru is a platform that will make life coaches more readily available to the masses, and more affordably. AMIH views personal development as one of the first elements in the journey towards better mental, spiritual and physical wellness. AMIH believes that both of these platforms provide opportunity for explosive growth.

A New TeleHealth Model for the 82 Million Americans Lacking Primary Care

ZipDoctor market-testing results led AMIH to build and develop EPIQ MD which represents the next generation in telehealth and wellness.  However, rather than compete with entrenched companies like Teladoc, which contracts to major health insurers to reduce their costs of providing (expensive) primary care to their insureds, AMIH identified a “massive niche” of the 82 million un- or under-insured US residents that either have no insurance at all, or are underinsured.

According to industry experts, half of all working Americans decline the insurance offered by their employer as they are forced to choose between insurance or putting food on the table. Furthermore, AMIH research shows that small businesses in particular would like to provide primary care services, not merely major medical or traditional health insurance, if they could afford it. These 83 million uninsured and inadequately insured US adults and their employers are the AMIH target market.   

Recent AMIH Achievements in 2021

  • Closed $1.45 million in institutional financing, strengthening balance sheet.
  • Appointed original “Shark Tank” Shark, iconic businessman Kevin Harrington, as inaugural Advisory Board Member. Kevin is arguably one of the most accomplished, prolific, and best-connected entrepreneurs of our generation and his value to AMIH cannot be overstated.
  • Acquired controlling interest of, and launched,, and appointing Jane Sorrell as its CEO.
  • Appointed highly credentialed entrepreneur and expert marketing pro Alejandro “Alex” Rodriquez as CEO of EPIQ MD and Chief Strategy Officer of AMIH.
  • Assembled an impressive EPIQ MD management team, which continues to grow.
  • Generated over $5.7 million in gross consolidated revenue in 2020.

AMIH Portfolio of Companies: Investing in the Advancement of Humanity


LifeGuru will both help coaches access new clients nationwide, while it will help people match up with their optimal life coach anywhere nationwide. The current business plan calls for coaches to pay a subscription fee for access to the platform, and for clients to pay an affordable rate for tele-sessions — with AMIH receiving recurring revenue for building, marketing and managing the platform, provided that to date, LifeGuru has not generated any revenues.


In mid-2020, AMIH launched ZipDoctor, offering physician and mental health provider tele-visits and prescription writing for just $20 to $45 per month. Importantly ZipDoctor data indicated much of the under-insured marketplace we target will gladly pay a bit more, to get a lot more services included. It was based on this research and feedback that AMIH believed there was a greater opportunity in which to expand upon and made the decision to evolve its ZipDoctor business to create EPIQ MD.


EPIQ MD will offer the 82 million Americans with no or inadequate health insurance access to primary care physicians and mental health professionals, along with preventative care, such as nutritional counseling, as well as our deep-discounted rates to select third-party providers of prescriptions, in-person diagnostic and lab services and more — all at surprisingly affordable monthly subscription monthly.

Additionally, AMIH is actively developing other services such as functional foods, proprietary nutraceutical blends, wearables, specialized medicine, and risk mitigation services.

The Year Ahead: AMIH 2021
AMIH and subsidiary management teams have spent the past year working diligently, quietly, building a solid corporate and operational foundation capable of supporting AMIH portfolio companies. Some goals for the coming year include:

EPIQ Innovations. Under active development, this sister company to EPIQ MD is anticipated to provide a curated assortment of proprietary, advanced nutraceutical products to formulate in-house. Since COVID-19, consumers have dramatically increased consumption of immune boosting and other nutraceuticals. Expected launch is mid 2021.

M&A. With the keen insight already gained into multi-billion-dollar addressable markets, AMIH is in discussions to acquire other businesses synergistic with its business model.

Growth Capital. AMIH retained Maxim Group, a mid-tier investment bank, for a firm commitment capital raise later this year.

Uplisting of Common Stock.  AMIH plans an uplisting its common stock to a national exchange within a year (Q2-22).

Reinforce Management Team. Assuming operations expand and revenue increases in the future, AMIH plans to add new executives and directors – all with the pedigree and lineage to help advance AMIH to its fullest potential.

  • Original “Shark Tank” Investor Kevin Harrington Appointed to AMIH Advisory Board

On March 18th AMIH proudly announced that iconic businessman, veteran entrepreneur and inaugural “Shark Tank” investor Kevin Harrington has joined its Advisory Board. In that role, Mr. Harrington will serve for a two-year term as an AMIH Brand Ambassador and Advisor on marketing, promotions, acquisitions, licensing and all other sales and growth initiatives.

Kevin Harrington is widely known for being an original “Shark” investor on the ABC television hit series “Shark Tank.” He has launched over 20 businesses that have grown to over $100 million in sales each. He has launched over 500 products generating more than $5 billion in sales worldwide with iconic brands and celebrities such as Jack LaLanne, Tony Little and George Foreman and more. 

“I consider it a privilege to be a part of AMIH, and to contribute to its mission of revolutionizing healthcare and wellness for main street America,” Mr. Harrington stated and added, “I am eagerly looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and helping foster its growth and to promote its brands to new levels of success.”

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